Prize letter

Re “Winner, winner” (Editor’s note, Oct. 4):

THE QUALITY OF A JOURNALISM AWARD? Sorry guys, but RGJ claims to have won all the important awards. And if RGJ wins anything, it is an indictment of the misery of the rest of Nevada “journalism.” Sam DNA Dehne dismantled all RGJ government reporters, as he promised to do ubiquitously at Reno area government podiums. But guess what! RGJ replaced their people masquerading as reporters with (believe it or not) three guys named Sam. What are the chances? Sam DNA Dehne reports more news LIVE in his measly allotted 3 minutes than RGJ reports in a month. Signed with vehement conviction,

Sam Dehne


Period piece

Re “A new contest from the RN&R” (promotion, Oct. 4):

Are you that lacking in your skills as a journalist that you have to write about women’s menstruation? Why not have everyone write about their bowel movements as well. Your attempt at being controversial and edgy is very immature and tasteless. Pathetic.

Matt Sylvain

Las Vegas

Editor’s note: We’re not the ones writing on the topic, readers are. One purpose of the contest is to generate discussion about an issue on this year’s election ballot: Question 2, which concerns taxes on feminine hygiene products.

Vampire redux

Re “It’s back: The vampire theory of gay reproduction” (letters, Sept. 27):

Please explain to me why on Earth you included that letter in your magazine. The letter is hateful, prejudiced, contains no factual information, and is basically just a listing of name calling and verbal abuse. It is not a thoughtful opinion. It’s hate mail. The author is not even from Reno. He is from Salt Lake City. We don’t need hate mail imported to our city from other cities.

There is a lot of talk about hate speech being eliminated from social media, that it has no place in modern society, and is tearing at the fabric of thoughtful dialogue, and yet here it is in my local paper.

LGBT people have the same rights as everyone else, as recognized by our laws. I feel that publishing this article was an act of supporting gay-bashing, despite the editor’s note pointing out a few problems with the letter at the end.

I’m perfectly open to listening to and reading opinions that don’t match with my own. But there has to be at least a shred of factual evidence and logical train of thought. Supported by no laws or reason, the article just states “LGBT pushers are sex offenders”—that is simply demonstrably false.

I was truly saddened and angered by that letter. Please do not print similar letters in the future.

David Waclo


Scoot, DMV

In ‘02 I bought a beautiful Honda Metropolitan scooter. Two grand out the door, no license plate, helmet, or insurance required. At 100 mpg ($0.03/mile), the thing ran like a top—quiet, sounds like a little sewing machine with the tiny 4-stroke engine. Heaven.

I recall last year the police said every scooter owner needs to go to DMV to get ID plates to “prevent theft.”

So after getting a new battery, I decided to be good law-abiding citizen and went to get my “for ID only” plates. Inspection station fellow says, “Sorry, that’s now a motorcycle and you need MC license, plates and insurance.”

Oddly, I noticed no scooters driving around town, though they had been in years before when people were able to afford this inexpensive and fun transportation.

So, the bureaucrats and politicos decided they don’t like we poor folk getting any advantage at all. After they finish eating the poor, hopefully they will start on their own children.

Y’all remember this when peak oil hits us hard and gas goes for $5 a gallon—we had a chance to lower our piggish energy use and save some fuel for future generations. I will find out who did this diabolical legislation and work my hardest to throw them out of office.

Rant off.

David Bergland


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