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Week of Aug. 31, 2022

From the editor’s desk

After a two-year hiatus, the RN&R’s Best of Northern Nevada poll is back and better than ever, with readers’ choices across some 230 or so categories. Our staff and contributors weigh in with picks of their own and photo editor Dave Robert asks folks taking part in Streetalk what they think the best thing is about living in this corner of the Silver State.

I interviewed Washoe County School Board candidates about their proposals for change in the schools and dug into the local—and national—attempted right-wing takeovers of those panels. The culture wars have spilled over into the board meetings; the schools themselves may become the next partisan battleground.

In May, we wrote about an apartment project on Riverside Drive and the neighbors who were trying to save nearby 100-year-old elms from destruction. The developer said the contactors would do what they could to save the trees, but residents told reporter Jesse Stone that the promise turned out to be just lip service.

The Reno Jazz Orchestra and Reno Youth Jazz Orchestra are merging to better deliver all that jazz across a wide age of music lovers, Matt King reports.

Bob Grimm says “House of the Dragon,” the prequel to “Game of Thrones,” appears to be a worthy precursor to the HBO hit series, but he pans “Samaritan,” a mess of a movie which stars Sylvester Stone as a fallen superhero who probably should have remained in retirement.

Our September arts and culture roundup features news about festivals, art exhibits, music, books and local history-related events. Matt King, meanwhile, reports that organizers of the Reno-Tahoe International Art Show, at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center Sept. 8-11, aim to keep a spotlight on the wealth of artists and art works that grace our region.

RN&R’s star gazer Robert Victor notes that Jupiter is closer to Earth in September than it has been in 71 years. He suggests taking a look at the king of planets this month. Or you could wait 107 years until it’s again this cozy with our home planet. Your call.

I’ll see you in the funny papers,

—Frank X. Mullen, Editor

From the RN&R

Best of Northern Nevada 2022: Readers’ Picks

By Staff

August 26, 2022

In the final round of voting, more than 5,800 RN&R readers had their say—and here are the 2022 Best of Northern Nevada.

Best of Northern Nevada 2022: Staff Picks

By Staff

August 26, 2022

Our staff and contributors put in their two cents about Northern Nevada’s best.

Our children’s future: Right-wing candidates run for the school board to “take back our schools”

By Frank X. Mullen

August 29, 2022

Some Washoe County school board candidates rail against the district’s equity and diversity programs, the way the history of racism is discussed in classes, sex education and LGBTQ issues. Their rallying cry is to “take back” the school board.

Meet the candidates: Three incumbents face challengers in Washoe School Board races

By Frank X. Mullen

August 29, 2022

Three seats on the Washoe County School District Board of Trustees are up for grabs in the Nov. 8 election. Here are the candidates.

Before the ‘Thrones’: HBO’s ‘House of the Dragon’ is off to a solid start

By Bob Grimm

August 29, 2022

House of the Dragon is a prequel that certainly honors the legacy of the original, which should make diehards proud.

Reno … who knew? The organizers of the Reno Tahoe International Art Show want to make Northern Nevada an art center

By Matt King

August 30, 2022

From visual art in numerous mediums to live music, screenings, Q&As and more, the Reno Tahoe International Art Show is celebrating everything that is art.

September astronomy: Jupiter is as close to Earth as it’s been in decades—and our planet is closing in on Mars

By Robert Victor

August 30, 2022

What to expect in September’s nighttime and early morning skies.

Streetalk: What’s the best thing about being in Northern Nevada?

By David Robert

August 26, 2022

We headed to Pignic to talk about what makes Reno, Sparks, Carson City, etc. so darned amazing.

From Victorian theater to Van Gogh: September brings arts, history and book events to Northern Nevada

By Frank X. Mullen

August 28, 2022

A roundup of some arts and culture highlights in Northern Nevada during the month of September.

Superhero slog: Sylvester Stallone can’t save ‘Samaritan,’ an unfunny film with too many dull stretches

By Bob Grimm

August 29, 2022

Director Julius Avery sucks all of the life out of the well-worn premise to render Samaritan not only routine, but dull.

Neighbors couldn’t save 100-year-old elms from Riverside apartment development

By Jesse Stone

August 24, 2022

The developer says there was no way the trees could have survived construction. Nearby residents disagree.

United by jazz! The Reno Jazz Orchestra merges with Reno Youth Jazz Orchestra in an effort to enrich music education for all

By Matt King

August 25, 2022

Leadership groups at both orchestras are excited that the merger will provide more opportunities for the orchestras to commingle.

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