Elizabeth Linn

Research analyst

The access to all the beauty of Tahoe, Donner Lake, Pyramid Lake, etcetera. I love being in the forest and being near the high desert, too. The people of Northern Nevada are very friendly; like, when hiking in the mountains, people will say hi to you. I love Nevada Pride and the Nevada Day parade in Carson City. But the worst thing is the cost of living. The rental market is priced very high, and legit locals are having a hard time living here.

Will Curtis


The weather here in Northern Nevada is wonderful. The people are friendly. The gambling is good here; I play video poker, jacks-or-better. I’m up three bucks as of this afternoon, but that’ll change by tonight. It’s very easy to meet people here. I love hiking, and the scenery is beautiful—the openness of the desert. I hike out by Fallon, and I go up the hills to look at the vastness of the desert.

Faith Spampanato

Sole proprietor

Northern Nevada has four seasons. The best part about the winter season is that the snow melts by the afternoon. The culture here is very diverse—a lot of different ethnic groups. People are friendly and helpful. If you get stranded with your car, someone will stop and ask if you’re OK. The bad part is the homeless hanging around and leaving a mess.

Terence Spampanato

Construction project manager

The small-city vibe, and the closeness to the beautiful countryside. Even though we have traffic, it’s still better than San Francisco or Chicago. The construction business is doing very well. Rebuilding America! The heat can be bad in the summer. Winter is my favorite season. The positives outweigh the negatives.

Corrinne Wallace

Escrow officer

The diversity. The different parts of the city. The river downtown. We came here today and didn’t even know that there was going to be a Hawaiian festival going on. There were food trucks, and we put our feet in the river. This morning, we rode our bikes, zipped around and saw a sunflower festival. There’s a lot to do here. Traffic can be a problem, and so can the homeless; that’s sad.

David Robert is the photo editor of the Reno News & Review. In his first stint as the RN&R’s photo editor, he won multiple Nevada Press Association and Association of Alternative Newsmedia awards...

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