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Week of Aug. 3, 2022

From the editor’s desk

First, a reminder: The deadline is approaching to vote in the RN&R’s Best of Northern Nevada poll, which closes Monday, Aug. 8. Categories include food and drink, nightlife, outdoor activities, culture, kids’ stuff and personalities, from bartenders to beauticians. Don’t let the deadline sneak up on you! (I am, sadly, speaking from long experience of deadlines sneaking up on me.)

After enduring years of exponential rent increases, the once-taboo topic of rent control is gaining support among Nevadans. We take a look at the pros and cons of such measures that supporters say are the only way to curb gouging by greedy landlords. But opponents insist that “short of bombing,” rent control is the most effective way to destroy a city. We also look at where rent control efforts have failed—and succeeded.  

Reporter Kingkini Sengupta, meanwhile, hit the streets to find out if unsheltered people have access to health care. They do, but some decline help until they wind up in an emergency room where taxpayers foot the medical bills.

Burning Man is just a few weeks away, and Kris Vagner goes behind the scenes to preview some of most compelling art installations that will soon be making their way to the playa.

Artown 2022 is history, but August also delivers a cornucopia of arts and music events, including Hot August Nights rockers, a bluegrass festival and the Bard (plus jazz!) up the hill among the pines at Sand Harbor.

In food and drink news, Cheree Boteler gives readers a taste of Centro South, which revamped its menu to provide an “exclusive, decadent experience” to patrons. Gnocchi, lobster rolls and burgers remain, while ingredients like calamari or tuna are prepared in unique ways, Cheree says.

Bob Grimm stays at home this week and fires up Hulu, first to watch the hilarious fourth season of vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows, and then to watch Predator prequel Prey—a film set in the 1700s that Bob says is even better than the franchise’s first movie.

Our latest opinion section covers a grab bag of issues: Brad Bynum recounts the horrors of dealing with a family health emergency while navigating a gauntlet of disgruntled gatekeepers, antiquated medical technology and cavalier doctors; publisher Jimmy Boegle describes the process of preserving the archives of the RN&R and explains why “history in a hurry” needs to be preserved; and I sound off about a certain virus we’d all like to forget about, but shouldn’t.

A full moon will interfere with viewing the annual Perseid meteor shower Aug. 12, but the falling stars still take center stage in the days prior to the shower’s peak, stargazer Robert Victor predicts.

Some, but not all, of these stories can also be found in our August print edition, now on the stands—and free, as always.

I’ll see you in the funny papers,

—Frank X. Mullen, Editor

From the RN&R

Rent is out of control: After enduring the highest rent hikes in U.S., many Nevadans back rent stabilization laws

By Frank X. Mullen

July 29, 2022

Nevada politicians, many of whom rely on developers to fund their election campaigns, have been loath to discuss legal limits on rent increases. Tenants can’t compete with the power of real estate industry lobbyists. But that tide is turning.

Burner Art: A sneak peek at local Burning Man pieces waiting in the wings

By Kris Vagner

August 3, 2022

Here’s a sampling of the many Burning Man art projects being built in Reno and Sparks this summer.

Unsheltered and sick: Health care services are available, but some houseless people won’t seek help

By Kingkini Sengupta

August 2, 2022

More than 1,600 people live on the streets or in homeless shelters locally, and while health care services are available, many decline aid, and others wait until medical problems reach crisis levels before seeking care.

Extended episodes: A medical scare can be just the beginning of a long, dehumanizing process

By Brad Bynum

August 1, 2022

My 4-year-old son has had two seizures in the last week. These seizures were unprecedented and, as of this writing, remain unexplained.

The best Predator film yet: Hulu gets into the blockbuster movie game with ‘Prey’

By Bob Grimm

August 3, 2022

Prey is basically everything you would want in a Predator movie, and more.

The Bard, bluegrass and rock legends: Blood, Sweat and Tears, plus others, at Hot August Nights highlight a busy month of shows

By Frank X. Mullen

July 30, 2022

This summer’s Artown celebration is getting close to wrapping up, but Northern Nevada arts events and performances continue throughout August, including Shakespeare and bluegrass festivals, classical music concerts at Lake Tahoe, and classic rock during Hot August Nights.

The first draft of history: We’re working hard to preserve and improve access to the ‘RN&R’ archives

By Jimmy Boegle

July 30, 2022

Preserving the RN&R’s past is almost as important as assuring the RN&R has a strong and sustainable future—and that’s why we’ve been working hard to make all of the RN&R’s content going back to 2000 available, for free, at our website.

Editor’s note: COVID, not us, decides when the pandemic is over

By Frank X. Mullen

July 30, 2022

Someday, God willing, I’ll put on an old jacket, find a mask in a pocket, and recall the bad old days of the contagion that disrupted all our lives.

Biting humor: Season 4 of FX vampire mockumentary ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ is packed with laughs

By Bob Grimm

August 2, 2022

More so than any other show on TV right now, What We Do in the Shadows packs many laughs into its minutes, complemented by fine doses of profanity and gore.

August astronomy: A full moon ruins this year’s Perseid meteor shower—but there are a bunch of visible planets and bright stars

By Robert Victor

July 31, 2022

A preview of what the nighttime skies will look like in August.

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