This review comes to you from somebody who is a fan of the movie upon which the What We Do in the Shadows series is based—but who had never watched the TV show … until now.

Rather than starting from the beginning, I binged the four available episodes from Season 4 (as of this writing). I am happy to report that you don’t have to see the first three seasons of this show to enjoy and appreciate Season 4. I was laughing hard within the first few minutes—and I kept laughing all the way through.

For those unfamiliar, the original movie was a faux documentary written and directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, about ancient vampires living in the modern day. Clement and Waititi produce, direct and occasionally appear in some episodes of the series, which focuses on different vampires dealing with similar problems.

The Season 4 episodes deal with a strange man baby (with Mark Proksch’s face on a toddler) and the vampires opening a nightclub. More so than any other show on TV right now, Shadows packs many laughs into its minutes, complemented by fine doses of profanity and gore. The man baby is the offshoot of a former energy vampire named Colin Robinson, who, according to his vampire friends, was very boring, so lead vampire Laszlo (Matt Berry) works hard to educate him and make him a little more interesting. To Laszlo’s great despair, the man baby loves his Legos and American musical theater.

Thanks to this and other offerings such as Only Murders in the Building (which is having a terrific second season), Hulu is establishing itself as a fine spot for some of TV’s best comedy.

I’ve seen enough to know I am going to stick with this show and start from the beginning. If you, like me, have never watched the show before, it’s safe to start with Season 4 and go backward; the new season stands on its own as a worthwhile comedy. If you are unlike me and have been watching all along, you are probably thinking, “Hey, Grimm, tell us something we don’t already know. The show is awesome. You should’ve been watching from the beginning, you lazy ass!”

What We Do in the Shadows: Season 4 is now airing on FX and Hulu, with new episodes premiering Tuesdays through Sept. 6.

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