Anthony Mackie and Jeremy Renner in Rennervations.

Mere months after getting horribly crushed under his own snowplow, Jeremy Renner—truly some sort of superhero here on Earth—is not only making an amazing recovery, but showing up, in person, in Reno for the premiere of his latest project.

The area resident nearly died on New Year’s Day while trying to dig a family vehicle out of the snow, yet there he is, walking around Reno with a big smile on his face for the showing of the Reno episode of Rennervations.

The four-episode Disney+ show features Renner retooling some old vehicles he’s bought for good causes. In the case of Reno, he renovated a minibus to be a recreational vehicle for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada. Using his own dough, he equipped the vehicle with computers, a lounge, a soccer goal on the side, and a basketball hoop on the back.

I’m a sucker for renovation shows, so getting to see Renner do his own for Disney is good fun. The Reno episode features a good-natured Renner and contractors he’s hired, along with guest star Anthony Mackie, who made a Reno appearance for the christening of the recreational vehicle.

Within seconds of this episode starting, you get a prominent shot of the Heather Puckett, standing outside of Junkee Clothing Exchange, followed by all sorts of Reno sights and references. Renner’s love for the area is very evident, and you can tell he’s putting a little extra oomph into the Reno episode because of it.

I am glad to watch this show knowing that Hawkeye is not only alive and well, but kicking recovery ass as he comes back from his near-death experience.

He’s an extraordinary guy, and a big fan of Reno. As a big fan of Reno, myself, I very much appreciate his presence and his efforts.

Rennervations is now streaming on Disney+.

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  1. I watched every episode and loved them all. I share his enthusiasm and love for northern Nevada. I lived in Reno and Carson City for 47 years and will go back forever. I’m so happy he’s reviving so beautifully. He’s a hell of a guy!!

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