Tenants need more time in ‘no-cause’ evictions

For 10 years I lived next door to my landlord in a make-shift duplex arrangement. Not once did I ever have a party or a dinner guest for that matter. About 7 years ago I went to coffee around the corner; upon my return I noticed something taped on my front door. It was a (no-cause) eviction notice (RN&R, February 2023), legal in Reno. I had 30 days to be gone. Ten years of living next to one another, he chose to evict me rather than have a beer on the patio and express his desire to go another direction.

Thirty days? Really? A tight rental market and I’m supposed to relocate within 30 days? It’s ridiculous. The law should allow for 60 to 90 days to relocate when getting (a no-cause) eviction notice. A landlord shouldn’t have to give a reason, just a reasonable time period to get a new home located and money together required at the new place. I was lucky I had local family to help me deal with the inconvenience I was facing.

BTW, I wrote two State legislators about my plight and not a single comment from either of them.

– Steve Garman, Reno

Lawmakers should help tenants, not Tesla

The article (23 tenants evicted in Carson City, RN&R, February 2023) needs to be sent to the governor’s office, and to the Nevada Governor’s Office for Economic Development, who are both pushing for more tax abatements for Tesla and Musk.
With a planned expansion of the Tesla plant and additional 3,000-plus workers, the concept of any affordable housing anywhere in Northern Nevada will be gone. To give more tax breaks to an established company that is worth in excess of $1 billion is wrong. The taxes that should be paid could help to increase affordable housing, take care of roads, (which will fall apart with the governor’s plan to suspend the gas tax), etc. Nevada has never taken care of those who need help; the article and the conditions these people were forced to live in is a prime example.
Kudos to the judge for not putting up with the landlord’s crap, but, a $500 fine? Seriously, let’s make these slime landlords pay for being slime.

– C.F., Carson City

An adjective reveals a lot about a writer

I read Dr. John Scire’s (guest) commentary on the proposed lithium mine (RN&R, February 2023) with interest. However his need to disparage those who oppose the mine with “so-called environmentalists” was unnecessary and weakened his position.  – Maureen Jones, Reno

Reno’s veggie options go back to 1970s

I’m glad Taylor Harker wrote that Nom was “one of the first” vegan restaurants in Reno (RN&R, February 2023). I recall fondly Golden Temple Of Conscious Cookery at S. Virginia and S. Center (now Thai Chili?) in the 1970s, and later a spin-off restaurant The Blue Heron at S. Virginia and Vassar (now India Kebab and Curry?). Both featured superb Sikh influenced cuisine.

Brian Adams, Reno

Reno’s downtown is no place to live

No surprise people aren’t interested in living in downtown Reno (RN&R, February 2023).  If the rents were low, it might be worth the risks. But premium prices are a deal breaker.

Karen Schmitz, Reno.

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  1. Renting in Nevada is like swimming with Sharks and if you think tenants are gonna get a lifeline from Tesla and Casino and Mining funded politicians…. Tesla is only a new face in a very old game, everything is rigged to produce blue collared renters. Bubba Bush was modeling Nevada with Republicans Every Child Left Behind program and that included aspiring to be a renter.

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