Mary Beth Gardner


I live in the old part of Reno. I have lived in the same five-plex for over 30 years. New owners came in from out of state, and my rent doubled in one month. All of us people who rent are being squeezed out, “gentrified.”

Finley Moffett

Moving company/business owner

Yes, of course, everybody is affected, coupled with inflation and rising gas and food prices. I have heard that the great divide is coming, (between) the tech haves and the tech have-nots. The tech haves will have all the money and afford all the properties, and the tech have-nots will not be able to have either.

Ben Flynn

Psychology student

No, my rent has stayed the same. I have had no increase in a year. I am very fortunate. I know my landlord, and I assume he would raise the rent if he were losing money.

Juliana Bledsoe

Personal chef

Not as much as most people, but yes, my rent has gone up 50 percent. I moved into my place nine years ago. Sometimes I feel I have golden handcuffs on, because I cannot afford to leave where I am. So I currently have no plans to move, and if I ever move, it will be out of town.

Logan Blauth

YouTube streamer

Kind of. I have to pay more; my rent has gone up 50 percent, but I pay pretty low rent. I only make about $12 per hour. The price of electronics keeps going up, and I have to keep up with new technology. I just paid $400 for a new monitor. … My streaming is a work in progress.

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  1. Seeking this to go the reporter who did Rent Increase story.
    Be aware of the rent increases to Assisted living community’s!!!
    Here at 5Star Residence we are seeing a 7-11% increase. 5Star is privately owned by a corporation. We have been told to expect similar next year. Services have not kept up with the increases and corporate has not been willing to give back to compensate residents for the inconveniences. Many residents feel stuck. Hoping N&R will do a follow up on this.

  2. We have lived in the same place for 18 years. Beginning our 2nd year our rent went up by $165.00. Then no increases until two weeks ago when we were told our rent would be going up ny $300.00 per month. We are seniors, (74 and 82), and that $300 that now has to go to rent, was used to purchase food and gasoline as we are retired. Our landlady sat in our living room about 4 years ago and told us that as long as we were living here she would not raise our rent nor out this place up for sale. When I reminded her of that she said, “well, I didn’t mean forever.” Other than a New hot water heater 9 years ago, the owner has spent no money on our condo because we have taken care of EVERYTHING at our own expense. I do not understand the greed of people who own rental properties.

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