Kristina Parker

Domestic goddess

You’re taking a hit to your bank account. This could have been stopped or prevented by opening up the pipeline. We should be self-sufficient and not relying on outside or foreign gas. We had a trip planned to L.A., and now we’re going to fly, because it’s cheaper than gas for our vehicle with a V8 engine.

Dora Johnson


We’ve been looking for a house on the outskirts of town, but now, because of the length of time to get there and the cost of gas, we’re not going to buy it. It costs $60 to fill up our Mitsubishi Outlander. By the time (we pay for) our house payment and gas, we would have nothing left over.

Caleb Shockley

Tool salesperson

My family and I share one vehicle. We’ve been filling up about every other day. My job is out in Spanish Springs, and we live in downtown Sparks. I was going to go to Vegas for a vacation this summer; now it’s cheaper to fly than drive. Gas would’ve been double.

Matthew Petersen

UPS packager

Same as everyone else—I’ve got to pay more. I use premium gas; obviously, that is priced higher than regular gas. I filled up yesterday, and it cost me $75. The most I paid before was $55. I was planning a trip to Death Valley, taking an RV; the place I was going to was very isolated and not very populated. Gas would’ve been $7 or $8 a gallon. I am going to keep an eye on gas prices.

Mike Colony

Registered nurse

I have a small SUV that now costs $68 to fill up. It used to be $35 or $40 to fill up. I don’t drive much around here, but the farthest I’ll go is to Fernley to take my brother to chemotherapy every two weeks. I wanted to go to Florida this summer; now, that’s not happening. Maybe I’ll go up to Tahoe, and that’s about it.

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  1. It’s the fault of the Keystone Pipeline? Really? I would encourage Kristina to do some real research about where that oil would actually wind up. (Spoiler Alert! It’s not the US and would have zero effect on US gas prices). I’ll let Fox News know you deserve an A for attentiveness.

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