PROVIDED TO RN&R: Anton Novak, co-owner of Rounds Bakery, works the bakery's new location in the Legends center in Sparks.

When the bakery calls, you come. Even if you’re 7,000 miles away.

Anton Novak, co-owner of Rounds Bakery, unexpectedly found himself back in Northern Nevada last month. He’d returned two months early from New Zealand, where his husband and children live, after his business partners asked for his help opening the new Rounds Bakery at the Legends center in Sparks.

That call for assistance arose, in part, from the wishes of the Legends center, the landlord.

“They really wanted this location to open,” Novak said. “They knew it would attract customers, and it was in their best interest to open it up as soon as possible.”

The upshot? Rounds at Legends debuted Feb. 18, a few weeks earlier than the planned soft opening.

Steel, wood, loaves

PROVIDED TO RN&R: Looking across the dining room at the new Rounds Bakery in the Legends center in Sparks.

The new Rounds occupies a large corner space across from the movie theater at Legends, at the western edge of the center. Novak described the look and feel of the 70-seat spot — 35 indoors, 35 on the terrace — as “warm industrial.”

There are picture windows framing views of Sparks Marina and the Sierra, suspended steel fixtures, track lights hanging like Edison bulbs, distressed wooden tables, booths and stools in earth-toned ochre, steel shelves stocked with freshly baked loaves, and a butcher block display of bagels and Not A Cronuts (croissant donuts), a storied Rounds item.

Drawing on 2 kitchens

PROVIDED TO RN&R: A butcher block display of bagels and croissant donuts at the new Rounds Bakery in the Legends center in Sparks.

Novak said the menu at the new Rounds would be similar to the menu at the original bakery, closed in 2020 during the pandemic, on East Moana Lane. That means sliced, toasted and schmeared bagels; croissant donuts, Danishes and other pastries; and muffins, brownies and cookies (including gluten-free options).

Breads like potato white, sourdough, marbled rye and multi-grain, as well as pretzels and pretzel rolls, issue from the on-site kitchen. Bagels and other baked goods are delivered several times daily from the Rounds wholesale kitchen that opened last year in the old Bavarian World on Valley Road.

Bagels here, sandwiches there

PROVIDED TO RN&R: The new Rounds Bakery in the Legends center in Sparks offers what co-owner Anton Novak calls a “warm industrial” look and feel.

Rounds at Legends also features hot and cold running sandwiches. Think a jalapeño cheddar bagel dog, with bagel dough enrobing a German sausage corn dog-style; a jalapeño cheddar bagel layering roast beef, arugula and a spicy schmear; turkey bacon Swiss on an asiago bagel; and brioche provisioned with buffalo chicken.

What else? Bread bowls are ladled with clam chowder and other stews (maybe even goulash). Pretzels and beer cheese keep company. Beverages include Lavazza coffee, wine and 10 beers on tap.

Orders are placed at the counter at the latest Rounds. Although there is plenty of in-house seating, the bakery also envisioned significant grab-and-go business. A workflow change is making that easier.

“At Moana Lane, a bagel and schmear went to the sandwich line, so if you had five sandwiches, the bagel got held up until the sandwiches were made,” Novak said. “Here, we’ve separated the line. One for sandwiches and one for quick things — a bagel, a schmear, a cup of coffee, you’re in and out.”

Bakery break

PROVIDED TO RN&R: Croissant donuts await selection at the new Rounds Bakery in the Legends center in Sparks.

The full menu described above will launch in early March, Novak said; for now, there’s a smaller version. Once Rounds at Legends is completely underway, Novak said he’ll turn his attention to opening a small retail outlet at the wholesale kitchen.

After that, “I’m going to take a break from opening bakeries.”

Johnathan L. Wright is the food and drink editor for Reno News & Review. Follow him on Twitter at @ItsJLW or on Facebook personally or at @FoodNevada.

Johnathan L. Wright

Johnathan L. Wright is the former food and drink editor of Reno News & Review. During his career, Johnathan has won numerous awards for his work, including several Association of Food Journalists Awards...

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