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I read with dismay about the cancelling of the new Rosanne Barr show. Although I didn’t get a chance to watch her show (it aired very successfully for only two months), I always appreciated her sarcastic wit. I can’t say I always agreed with her but still could enjoy her comedy for what it was.

Evidently the cancellation was due to a personal tweet and not the content of the show. Shame on you, ABC, for not allowing a large percentage of the U.S. population to enjoy comedy the way they like it. What happened to that corporate greed you are so famous for? And what about your legal obligation to your stockholders? I don’t consider myself a conservative or a liberal but rather a pragmatist.

Come on, folks. This is comedy, which should be allowed to be insulting, derisive and anything it wants to be. It’s called artistic license. If people don’t want to watch, they can tune out (most did not). I always wanted to start a legally sheltered, tax free church for comedians called Our Lady Of Sarcastic Cynicism where nothing is sacred.

John Bogle


Specifics, please

Re “Cartoon complaint” (letters, May 31):

I found it ironic reading the letter to the editor from Doug Rodrigues of Lockwood accusing RN&R of “propaganda.” I would love to see his “whole list of serious charges of criminal activity by Obama and Hillary, both of whom should be spending time in prison!” Next time, please share.

I realize you idolize someone who’s risen to president by lies and false accusations, which are routinely proved to be just that. Don’t you think if President Obama had done anything like that of which you accuse him, the Republican-based House and Senate would have gone after him? After all, they did block his constitutional right to appoint a Supreme Court justice, which was unheard of. I’m sure you would have been outraged if the parties and situations were reversed.

Facts matter. Here’s some for you. The “witch hunt” has produced 17 indictments and five guilty pleas. Facts are facts, whether you choose to believe them or not. I’m sure if Hillary had met with Russians to get dirt on Trump, then lied about it, you’d be OK with that too.

You should turn the channel from Fox News every now and then. Not suggesting you tune into MSNBC or any other cable network. Try ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, or any newspaper in the country. And if you can’t bring yourself to read “real news,” then check out Shepard Smith every now and then. He’s the only one over there at Fox that’s not a propagandist. It’s people like you that make me fear for our country.

Joel Edwards


NFL vs. liberty

The United States sends young people to war, with the rallying cry “fighting for freedom.” We may have to change that. As the National Football League becomes more jingoistic and profit-driven, it seems they could give a damn about freedom. They will fine teams if the players kneel (it’s done in church) while the national anthem is playing.

There is significant racism in the third verse of that song. Seems to me like kneeling is simply a form of expression covered by the First Amendment. Perhaps the owners have forgotten the First Amendment. Have we become so simple minded and mean we can’t sympathize with players showing respect for American citizens brutalized for the last 300 years?

Don McKechnie


Healthy article

Re “Tangled up in red” (cover story,
May 17):

This should be on local TV news stations, not just in the RN&R. What a shame, too, for the Health Dept. to to be doing great harm to the growth of our wonderful city, which is finally beginning to grow in a positive manner.

Way to go, RN&R, for publishing this informative article.

Rhonda Fritz


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