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Week of Nov. 2, 2022

From the editor’s desk

Twenty years ago, after 16 children were diagnosed with leukemia in Fallon, lawmakers required health officials to do a better job of detecting and investigating cancer clusters. Improvements were made, but today, Nevada is less prepared for a cancer outbreak than it was decades ago—and reports less information to the public than ever. How did that happen? Answers remain a mystery, because state health officials dodged the RN&R’s questions for more than two weeks, a misguided strategy I describe in my November Editor’s Note.

With the midterm elections less than a week away, Nevada’s slate of election deniers is running neck-and-neck with their reality-based opponents. Nov. 8 may be our last chance to preserve democracy, publisher Jimmy Boegle writes, or face the rise of fascism.

Suzana Bledsoe reports on an archeological survey at the site of the proposed lithium mine at Thacker Pass. Cavalry volunteers in 1865 murdered 31 Paiute men, women and children as they slept near the pass. Several Nevada tribes oppose the mine project, saying it will desecrate a sacred site.

Winter’s arrival will herald more wild horse deaths in South Reno, Jesse Stone reports. As the rangeland dries up, mustang herds forage over a wider area, putting more equines in danger of being hit by vehicles.

Writer-director Todd Field creates a rich, authentic world for the fictitious composer Lydia Tár (Cate Blanchett) in Tár, says Bob Grimm, who describes the flick as “easily one of the year’s most ambitious films.” Our movie reviewer also enjoyed the first four episodes of Guillermo del Toro’s new series, Cabinet of Curiosities, on Netflix. Those segments range from “pretty good to pretty great,” he says.

The Reno Elks Lodge is 122 years old this year, and a past exalted ruler tells photo editor Dave Robert about all the changes—and charity work—that have kept lodge members busy during those 12 decades.

Mars takes center stage, and Jupiter reigns in the heavens this month, according to RN&R stargazer Robert Victor. In addition, a lunar eclipse will herald the start of Election Day. If that’s an omen, let’s hope it’s a good one.

The venerable Abby’s Highway 40 watering hole on Fourth Street has new owners who are making some needed changes while preserving the “dive bar” cachet of the joint.

These and many more local stories are wrapped up in our November print edition, currently on the newsstands across Northern Nevada.

I’ll see you in the funny papers. Take care,

—Frank X. Mullen, Editor

From the RN&R

Clueless About Cancer Clusters: Twenty Years After the Fallon Leukemia Probe, Nevada Is Less Prepared for Outbreaks, and Officials Report Even Less Cancer Data

By Frank X. Mullen

October 28, 2022

Despite reforms mandated by the Nevada Legislature in 2003, Nevada health officials today report less cancer-tracking information to the public than they did in 2002.

Stewards of vibe: A reimagined Abby’s Highway 40 opens under new ownership

By Michael Moberly

November 2, 2022

The new owners of Abby’s Highway 40 on Fourth Street are doing everything they can to preserve the bar’s feeling, but give it a new groove.

Digging into a massacre: Indigenous people say a lithium mine project northeast of Winnemucca will desecrate a sacred site

By Suzana Bledsoe

November 1, 2022

As a mining company waits for an archeological report regarding a site where Native Americans were massacred in 1865, tribal leaders worry about the long-term effects of the proposed lithium mine.

Well-composed: Cate Blanchett makes ‘Tár’ a rousing success—but viewers need to be patient

By Bob Grimm

October 31, 2022

Tár requires patience from the viewer—but that patience will be rewarded.

A note from the publisher: The march toward fascism continues

By Jimmy Boegle

October 29, 2022

Folks, you’ve got to get out and vote, protest, speak out and fight attacks on freedom.

Too close to call: Three ‘Big Lie’ candidates neck and neck with opponents in recent polls

By Frank X. Mullen

October 27, 2022

As Election Day approaches, election deniers are in dead heats with their opponents in three statewide races.

Horses on highways: As winter arrives, so does the ‘high strike period’ for wild equines

By Jesse Stone

October 26, 2022

Last year, vehicle crashes killed 19 wild horses in the area, but no humans died. This year, four horses have been killed in crashes to date—but that number is almost certainly about to increase.

Editor’s note: Maybe if we’re quiet, the reporter will go away

By Frank X. Mullen

November 1, 2022

When media rakes government agencies over the coals, the worst burns often are self-inflicted.

November astronomy: This month brings an Election Day total lunar eclipse, Mars sightings in both mornings and evenings, and much more

By Robert Victor

October 30, 2022

A look at what’s happening in our nighttime and early morning skies in November 2022.

15 Minutes: Alan Squailia, past exalted ruler of Reno Elks Lodge 597, hosting the 110th Uncle Dan’s Charity Dinner on Nov. 5

By David Robert

October 27, 2022

A 15-minute chat with Alan Squailia, a past exalted ruler of Reno Elks Lodge 597.

Episodic horror: Netflix’s ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ ranges from decent to fantastic

By Bob Grimm

October 31, 2022

Overall, the quality of Cabinet of Curiosities is solid, with each episode having strong production values.

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