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Week of May 11, 2022

From the editor’s desk

There’s lots of arts and entertainment news this week.

John Waters, a filmmaker, artist, actor, author and host who has been crafting his unique brand of shock comedy for more than 50 years, is bringing his one-man show, “False Negative,” to Reno’s Cargo Concert Hall on May 20.

Bob Grimm dives into “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” a frantic and nutty sequel that merges horror with the notion of parallel universes, and different versions of the same character; Bob exited with good vibes about the flick. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as high on Mike Myers’ conspiracy-theory comedy “The Pentaverate.” It has enough laughs for a 90-minute movie. Alas, it’s a six-episode Netflix series.

David Robert went to UNR to ask our latest Streetalk question: “Your thoughts on the leak of the U.S. Supreme Court’s draft decision on Roe v. Wade?” The people who responded were not too thrilled.

In food & drink news, Katie Finn, our sommelier in residence, offers advice on bringing the perfect wine to friends’ get-togethers, which will presumably be more common as the weather warms.

It’s spring (no, really; ignore the snow flurries and windstorms), and in-person arts and culture events are popping up at local museums this month. Art classes taught by renowned local artists, a Ukrainian poetry reading and several Nevada history lectures are blooming in Reno and Sparks.

Newcomers may think the relentless winds are an anomaly, but visits from the Washoe Zephyr are a fixture around here. As Mark Twain wrote, “a Washoe wind is by no means a trifling matter. It blows flimsy houses down, lifts shingle roofs occasionally, rolls up tin ones like sheet music and now and then blows a stage-coach over and spills the passengers.”

I haven’t seen any stagecoaches roll by, but neighborhood trash cans have taken flight all over town over the last few weeks.

So be careful out there,

—Frank X. Mullen, Editor

From the RN&R

Vile and varied: John Waters returns to Reno with his one-man show, ‘False Negative’

By Matt King

May 5, 2022

John Waters says he had to re-write his one-man show—coming to Reno May 20—because “everything’s so radically different now” since the pandemic.

‘Madness’ indeed: The new ‘Doctor Strange’ film has a nice horror vibe, but it’s a bit too frantic

By Bob Grimm

May 9, 2022

Doctor Strange has always been one of the nuttier Avengers, so it is suitable that with Madness, he gets the nuttiest movie.

Streetalk: Your thoughts on the leak of the U.S. Supreme Court’s draft decision on Roe v. Wade?

By David Robert

May 11, 2022

We asked folks at UNR about the big news regarding the possible end of Roe v. Wade.

Truckee Meadows museums offer In-person and virtual events in May

By Frank X. Mullen

May 10, 2022

Reno-Sparks museums are offering in-person events and classes in May, ranging from Ukranian poetry readings to classes taught by renowned local artists.

Wine time: Bringing a bottle to the party? Here are some can’t-miss suggestions

By Katie Finn

May 7, 2022

Our sommelier has assembled a list of wines that are party-perfect—and will make you, either as the host or the guest, look like a wine savant!

Myers mediocrity: Netflix’s ‘The Pentaverate’ has laughs—but not enough of them

By Bob Grimm

May 9, 2022

Mike Myers plays many characters, in The Pentaverate, and he plays them well, but the narrative is stretched wafer-thin over the six episodes.

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