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Week of April 13, 2022

From the editor’s desk

For years, officials and bicycle advocates have been planning a protected cycle track along Center Street in Reno, but that effort stalled last year when downtown gaming interests opined that they would rather see bike lanes on Virginia Street. Presto! By the end of May, there will be a “pilot project” bike lane right in front of the downtown casinos’ front doors, even though a recent study concludes gridlock will result. Now that wasn’t hard, was it?

Studies show that teachers annually spend about $1,000 of their own money on classroom materials. Janice Hoke reports that Reno service groups’ teacher-appreciation event gave more than two dozen teachers stacks of takeaway treasures, from coffee makers and crockpots to pencils and reading books.

Bob Grimm writes that “Ambulance,” director Michael Bay’s latest foray into action films, is a high-octane ride that misses the mark, even though it has some great acting. Grimm says, it is “a sometimes-enjoyable miss.”

The band All That Remains, which paradoxically can be called both “radio stars” and “underground legends,” on Saturday will bring their heavy-metal stylings to the Cargo Concert Hall at the Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno. And a new (then-local) band featured in the RN&R back in 2012, Surf Curse, will play its second Coachella gig this month, after “Freaks,” a song they recorded in Reno, went viral during the pandemic.

In epistles from our April mailbag, readers sound off about Americans’ complacency, Big Pharma’s lust for profits, a GOP congressman’s claims of sex orgies and the 50th birthday of Reno’s planetarium.

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From the RN&R

Reno casinos get their wish: Bike lane to appear on Virginia Street

By Frank X. Mullen

April 8, 2022

As if by sorcery, a bicycle lane will appear next month on Virginia Street in downtown Reno. But it’s not the protected university-to-Midtown cycle track.

This Calling: All That Remains to perform ‘The Fall of Ideals’ at the Cargo Concert Hall

By Matt King

April 9, 2022

All That Remains is performing 2006’s The Fall of Ideals in its entirety on the band’s current tour, which features a stop at the Cargo Concert Hall on Saturday, April 16.

Supporters show appreciation for teachers with ‘free stuff’ for their classrooms

By Janice Hoke

April 12, 2022

Teachers who often pay out-of-pocket for classroom supplies got some “free stuff” at a teacher appreciation event.

Padded pursuit: Fantastic acting can’t quite overcome Michael Bay’s quick cuts in ‘Ambulance’

By Bob Grimm

April 11, 2022

Ambulance tries to put all those high-octane Michael Bay-isms—quick cuts, handheld cameras, swirly shots, etc.—in the back of a moving ambulance while making an attempt at actual drama.

Then and now: After forming in Reno, Surf Curse found viral success—and nabbed a spot at Coachella

By Jimmy Boegle, Matt King, and Nora Heston

April 13, 2022

Surf Curse, playing at Coachella this year, started out in Reno in 2012. We talked to the band both then and now.

April mailbag: Readers take aim at complacent Americans, Big Pharma and GOP lawmakers

By Frank X. Mullen

April 7, 2022

Our readers chime in on the news of the month—and more!

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