Elizabeth Swanson 


Mashed potatoes. I’m a potato person. You can put a lot of flavors into them. You can have bacon bits, sour cream, etc. Potatoes are fun. I don’t like cranberry sauce. It comes out of a can. It’s gross. It’s a weird, jelly-like substance. It doesn’t have much flavor, either.  

William Woods 


Professionally cooked food from someone who knows what they’re doing. For some, Thanksgiving is like a science experiment for people who want to try out some new shit. I want some culturally traditional food where the recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. I don’t want any food that has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. Don’t put raisins in the potato salad. Don’t put mushrooms in the mac and cheese. What are you doing?  

Breck Dolan 

Immersive experience developer 

I’m looking forward to a gluten-free pumpkin pie. Being gluten-free helps me with my brain fog and gets my energy levels up. Pumpkin pie also reminds me of my mom and grandma. I like pumpkin pie even when it’s not Thanksgiving. My least favorite thing is meatloaf on Thanksgiving. A family member always makes meatloaf for Thanksgiving. Why? Also, they make an overcooked prime rib. Don’t destroy a prime rib—use a thermometer! 

Nathalie Gonzalez 


I love mashed potatoes and gravy, especially the way my mom makes the gravy with all kinds of spices. She is a wiz and does her own gravy recipes. I can’t stand stuffing. It’s mushy and not good. It comes out of a box. I ate it one time, and the texture was so bad that I never ate it again. 

Ren Sample 

Costume designer 

Yams. I love yams. They’re sweet, and I have a sweet tooth. I had yams for the first time at my aunt’s house when I was 5. They had marshmallows on top like a dessert. But because it was a vegetable, I was able to eat as much as I wanted. I hate stuffing. I hate that shit! It’s full of offal and tastes like gamey guts. It’s also too salty. 

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