Dear Rep. Mark Amodei:

When the Republicans took control of the House this past January, your GOP colleagues decided that one of their first orders of business was to remove Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

The removal, possibly because she is a Muslim woman who is the first naturalized citizen of African birth to serve in Congress, as stated, was because of past comments she made taken to be anti-Semitic.

Her removal was in spite of House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries stating, “Omar has certainly made mistakes, but has apologized … and has indicated she’ll learn from her mistakes and is working to build bridges with the Jewish community.”

However, another member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and your fellow Republican, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has done far worse and has made “controversial remarks” far more frequently, almost always without apologies. Though she was only removed from her committee assignments for those egregiously serious and repeated remarks, including those following the attempted coup on Jan. 6, 2021, Republicans decided she “deserved” to be reinstated.

Democrats had removed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia for her own anti-Semitic remarks, claiming Jewish lasers in space were the cause of the horrific forest fires in the Western United States, rather than accepting the overwhelming and compelling scientific evidence leading to the conclusion and consensus climate change is the cause of the devastation of our forests. Additionally, Rep. Greene has fully embraced Q-Anon conspiracies, including “Pizzagate,” baselessly accused the Clintons of murder, advocated for political violence, cavorted with self proclaimed Nazi’s like Nick Fuentes, proposed we become “Red” states and “Blue” states (and that if a Democrat wants to move to a “Red” state, they can’t vote—a proposal that sounds like it was put forth in 1861, not 2023, and is tantamount to secession).

Greene also claims our own federal government is involved and somehow responsible for mass shootings in our country, has compared COVID-19 lockdowns to the Jewish Holocaust (for which she did eventually apologize), promoted Russian propaganda, praised Vladimir Putin, participated with a group of GOP legislators to unsuccessfully challenge the 2021 Electoral College vote in spite of dozens of lost legal challenges, and has stalked and harassed a high school mass shooting victim from Florida while in the halls of Congress.

Additionally, Greene has stated publicly she had been in charge of the Jan. 6, 2021 attempted coup claiming “we would have won” because they would have brought guns, and has recently been reprimanded in a committee hearing in which she insulted a cabinet member, calling him a “liar,” resulting in the chair of the committee to censuring her for the remainder of the hearing.

We have a white-supremacist, Nazi-sympathizer, secession-advocating and mean-spirited member of our hallowed halls of the U.S. Congress. Greene is an embarrassment to our nation, yet continues to carry on spewing her divisive message.

These two representatives, Omar and Greene, are glaring hypocritical positions of your party. To restrict a member of Congress from committee service for making a regrettable remark—for which she apologized and said she would learn from—and then allow another member who has done far worse to serve seems blatantly hypocritical.

Considering the apparent hypocrisy of your political party, Mr. Amodei, we demand that you explain how you reconcile the actions of your party’s glaring hypocrisy.

We are your constituents, too, as you were elected to represent everyone in Nevada’s Congressional District 2. We demand an explanation so we can better understand your motivation, particularly on the eve of your re-election bid.


  • Tony Stephenson, Lyon County Democratic Chair
  • Bruce Morrison, Storey County Democratic Chair
  • Ellwood Howard, White Pine County Democratic Chair
  • Lewis Hardy, Carson City Democratic Chair
  • Scott Tudehope Churchill County Democratic Chair
  • Steve Anderson Elko County Democratic Chair
  • Aaron Sims Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus
  • Keith J. Milligan Press Liasion and contact for the signatories above: 208-818–1803.

Minor copy edits were made on this piece on Aug. 27.

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  1. That is so true Marjorie Taylor Green needs to be removed in all fairness me being a US citizen I vote for people who are and willing to help the country as of right now I haven’t seen anyone in the republican party who deserves my vote.

  2. It’s not just MTG it’s the entire Republican Congress. They have no ethics, no morals and have become nothing more than the cult of Donald Trump. They can’t be trusted with the security of this country. The only way to fix this is to vote them out

  3. The bias of the RGJ is nothing new….but this is beyond rich…when democrats start attacking the morals and ethics of MTG and other GOP, while the current corrupt , totalitarian , constitution-trashing regime in DC is like nothing we have ever seen before in America. I’m not impressed with your efforts at distraction.

  4. Now that the Republican party has become a criminal gang, no decent person should associate with them. If you look to one side and see White supremacists and Proud Boys, then look to your other side and see Nazis crazy Q-anoners and Oathkeepers…perhaps you are in the wrong place. Leave this sick, perverted and indecent party and go independent. Or live with the reults and example that you are giving your kids and grandkids.

  5. I have friends, family members, work associates who worship the cult of Trump based on his word and murky internet conspiracy theories. When I joined the military I pledged loyalty to the Constitution of the United States, not to (and I’m dating myself here) Lyndon B Johnson. We are a nation of laws based on judicial interpretation of the Constitution and its amendments. No ‘facts’ brought to this judicial system have proved a stolen election in over 60 attempts. Conversely Trumpers who perpetrated a coup against the Federal government are now on trial including Trump. I’m asking Mr Amodei: Where do you stand, with the constitution which you swore an oath to uphold or with the Trump cult for your personal power?

  6. anti Zionism is not antisemitism that is deliberately muddled by AIPAC and their stooges here in America, to justify Apartheid Israel and their daily atrocities against the Palestinian people. If you doubt this look up the rabbis of Neturei Karta, and see how the Zionist security forces continue to target and abuse them, because they oppose Israel.
    As far as MTG goes, right now Republicans control the house, when they don’t she’ll be gone from committees, Democrats put your message to the American people going forward, and see if they think it’s right for the country, but harping on about Trump isn’t going to win Joe Biden four more years, a powerful message and agenda will !

  7. Why was my comment removed? All the information was factual and relevant. The only possible concerning factor was it did not agree with your editorial stance. When you advise us to support “independent journalism,” this type of censorship blows your ship right out of the water

  8. Misinformation is not allowed here. You’ll find plenty of comments here that disagree with this piece’s stance. If you’re going to be making accusations of derangement and corruption, they need to be backed up with reliable sources.

  9. It is not Congress Member Amodei’s responsibility to involve himself in the drama that is MTG. That is for the voters of Georgia to decide/sort out. He is responsible to the voters of Nevada, specifically Northern Nevada. He is doing a good job and I will always support him. I ran into him at the Peppermill a couple of months back and he was very friendly and took the time to interact with me. He was surprised I recognized him.

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