David Luke


I think it could be, unless it’s regulated by the government. The government will have to step in and work with the corporations and the creators of AI to figure out how to regulate it. We could lose control of our world. AI could start making decisions that could adversely affect our lives.

Jaycee Grider

Marketing design specialist

This question is fascinating to me, as I work in marketing design, HR tech and consulting. I don’t think AI will harm humans. It’s a matter of how we can take advantage of these tools. In the long run, I expect some changes in the workforce, eventually some job loss. Overall, I see AI being a benefit to the workforce.

Jasmine Moreno


AI is not just harmful, but scary. I am a gospel worker and preach door to door. I recently watched a sermon that said now is the best time to preach the word of God in person, because we are going to be replaced by AI. Just watch the movies like I, Robot and The Terminator. Where did they come up with these ideas? Think about it.

Matan Farhi


In my field of work, AI is helpful and beneficial to improve my patient’s outcome. I could see a world where AI would be negative, in the term of human job loss. Hopefully we can find a middle ground that balances the positive and the negative.

Kevin Young

Sales management

I don’t think that we are as far along as we think we are with AI. People are getting paranoid about losing jobs. AI in the wrong hands, I would fear. Machine learning can replace people’s jobs and make humans obsolete.

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  1. One of the dangers of AI comes from excessive reliance on it without verification. For instance, a New York federal judge recently sanctioned lawyers who submitted a legal brief written by the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT, which included citations of non-existent court cases. Humans are lazy enough by nature without AI encouraging us to be even less diligent. Another even greater danger is the growing ability to create deep fake videos that are virtually indistinguishable from reality, with the ability to change the outcome of elections. In the international arena, I can easily see countries even going to war based on provocations that never occurred, credibly faked on a computer. And some of the tools used in social media to increase user engagement can be repurposed to incite mass fear. So I can see (literally) explosive results coming from bad actors using AI to manipulate human emotions.

    On the other hand, maybe AI will only be used for good, perhaps to make even more adorable puppy and kitten videos for YouTube 🙂

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