Nevada’s handouts to billionaires

It’s amazing that Nevada legislators can bow and scrape and give hundreds of millions of dollars to sports teams, giant corporations and Hollywood (RN&R, June 2023) while ignoring the needs of the people of Nevada. There is no trickle-down! Billionaires’ money stays in their pockets while Nevadans scrape by on minimum wages and send their kids to some of the worst-rated school systems in the country. Voters should demand that candidates pledge to never give billionaires handouts if they are elected to office. (Lawmakers) should put their constituents’ needs first, not making obscenely rich people even richer.

— Casey Cummings, Sparks

It is quite a sight to see how the professional sports industry can shake its magic wand and send a wobbling state legislature into special session. There, duly elected representatives are called to consider a 9-digit proposal for a new baseball stadium, because Las Vegans, you see, need more fun things to do. 

The good news is, the proposed new stadium, if built, will likely stand forever as a monument to Nevada’s once sturdy existence, like the Coliseum in Rome, even long after American civilization implodes from too much emphasis on sport, and too little emphasis on the health, education, and welfare of its own citizens.

— Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, Utah 

Reno investment fund bankruptcy

Great article on Hughes Private Capital (RN&R, June 2023). We are a small contractor here in St Louis, Missouri that worked on some of the homes and they have left almost every contractor here unpaid. Extremely sad to see what they are doing to families and small business. — Connor M., Saint Louis, Mo.

I am one of the investors who is probably wiped out after putting my savings into Hughes Private Capital’s funds. When a friend told me about the return (rate) of the funds, I thought it was too good to be true. She kept getting dividends, so I compared it with the minuscule interest I was getting from “safe” investments and put some money into a real estate fund. As the months passed I got returns and put more into it. It’s probably all gone now. It was too good to be true.

– Linda K., Reno

Stop gun violence: ban guns

Gun violence can be stopped by getting rid of guns (RN&R, June 2023). Gun programs on TV should be eliminated too. They are so detailed; they show you how to kill. How to Get Away With Murder, (is) a TV program.
Australia hasn’t any guns. Trump made guns a demand for everyone and with Trump has come repeated mass murders. Get rid of Trump and deranged people like him.
Bring back the pay phones (RN&R, June 2023). Not all of us want cell phones. When life’s too easy, shit happens.
Hard working people are the real people, not pencil pushers. I’ll keep company with the hard workers any day.

— Helen H., Reno

I care about guns in schools and bullets hitting kids and teachers. The MAGA nonsense about gender bathrooms, drag queen story hour and hiding American history from students are distractions from the actual problem: military rifles in the hands of lunatics. Ban assault weapons now!

– Tim Barnum, Truckee, CA

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  1. The US House of Representatives will soon hold a hearing on the Durham report. Critical to the condemnation of the FBI in this report are the issues with the Steele dossier and how it was being used. There were certainly issues, but every time I see or hear anything about it in the media, they state that the dossier originated from the Hillary Clinton campaign’s efforts to smear Donald trump. This is simply not true.
    The Steele dossier was originally ordered by Trump’s republican opponents during the primaries to do that smearing. It’s only after those candidates fell out of the race that the Clinton campaign became interested and started paying for the research.
    It’s a fine point, but the details are important particularly when one side is painting a picture of ‘how dare they’ when they, themselves dare to all the time.

  2. Oh please. The Dems forced the entire country to focus on a non-issue for an extended period of time. You can say the Biden election wasn’t stolen but if an important drug company hadn’t waited to announce discovery of an anti COVID drug until AFTER the election a few days later Trump would easily have won. I gave Hilary Clinton a chance until she collapsed simply entering a van. There are legislators who try to help people but the amount of money they need really isn’t there unless it’s to buy off voter blocks like South Carolina blacks or western Hispanics. Good luck. The country is virtually gone.

  3. The Supreme Court just gave businesses the right to refuse service based on bigotry. In the spirit of transparency and because folks should not have to wait until they’re trying to obtain service before knowing that the person behind the counter is a bigot, businesses that intend to discriminate should be required to post very clear signage stating the fact that the establishment is bigoted. That way people like me can choose to do business somewhere else.
    Let’s see if a business can stay afloat based only on the small percentage of small-brained people who think that it’s okay to treat another American as not having the same rights as everyone else.

  4. ah the myth of Australia having no guns, the 1996 buyback program removed around 20-25% of the guns in that country, around 650,000. A similar program here simply would not work, and even if say 25% of people turned in their guns it would cost hundreds of billions and you can guarantee criminals wouldn’t turn them in. The vast majority of gun owners are responsible, just like the vast majority of drivers don’t drink and drive, but sure enough the tiny minority kill thousands every year, so let’s ban cars while we’re at it, nothing more than pure hysteria !

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