Hospital ignored community needs

Good story, but the Saint Mary’s gym closure (RN&R, April 2023) was a cold decision by Prime Healthcare (Saint Mary’s Health parent company) to ignore the needs of the community. Local news reported there were 2,600 active members at a minimum of $60 per month, which is over $150,000 per month. They just don’t want to run a gym even though it is/was profitable. Worst is the negative impact on the community. (The) number of members was increasing since the pandemic shutdown. I was a member for over 15 years and there every day. Prime Healthcare just doesn’t care.

– James E. Stewart, Reno

Ghost Army exhibit is worth seeing

Thank you for the story about the Ghost Army exhibit (RN&R, April 2023). Our family went to see it (at the Nevada Museum of Art) and were amazed at a part of history we had not heard of before. The exhibit is well done and gives you a taste of what those soldiers did to fool the Nazis, down to the inflatable tank and the fake radio broadcasts. We  highly recommend a visit. – Sally Boniface, Sparks

Grimm off base about John Wick 4

Both Bob Grimm’s review of John Wick 4 (RN&R, April 2023) and the movie itself could have benefitted from a seasoned editor.  To contradict Mr. Grimm the first installment was the best, it was the birth of the story and the birth of the back story.  Mr.Grimm waxes about shots of Paris when they have little to do with the film.  The Da Vinci Code is better suited for cinematic views of Paris.

The fourth installment does not include Halle Berry’s character Sofia, who played a significant role in JW3.  We also never see what happens to Aurelio, played brilliantly by John Leguizamo, the only person John Wick trusts with his car, the only thing he loved more than his dead wife.  It is obvious (Grimm) “phoned this one in”. There is also no mention of Abram, the scorned Russian from JW2, John killed his nephew and destroyed his business in the first 5 minutes and yet no mention of any of these prime characters in the review or the 4th installment.  

The film was Chad Stahelski’s homage to video games watched by 14 year olds who have not felt a woman’s touch, not true fans of John Wick. The fight scenes were ridiculous and went way too long against a bland canvas of no story and new characters that nobody knows or relates to. Grimm needs to do his homework before spending the $10 you gave him to go to the movies. My rating is 2 out of 5 stars for the film and the review. — Jackson Morris, Reno

Nation needs Nevada lithium mine

In response to the letter about the Lithium mine at Thatcher Pass (RN&R, April 2023) and about how the BLM could grant them permits for this. The 1872 Mining Law gives the lithium mine permission to do just that and (mining) is how our state became part of the Union in 1864.  I have a hard time understanding the environmentalists’ positions as well as some of the Native Americans’ positions. That area is very depressed part of Nevada which would supply jobs for a lot of Native Americans as well as save the planet from global warming (and) to even have a Native American culture to save. I believe we should all protect the environment but we don’t have to give up our standard of living to achieve it.  Lithium production is a national security issue and to have the Chinese using slave labor to mine for this rare mineral is kind of being a hypocrite to our country’s values.  Thatcher Pass is not on anyone’s vacation agenda because it is in the middle of nowhere and most Nevadans don’t even know where it is.  I have been to this area and it is in a great place to put this operation because it is away from major population centers. I am in support of the project to get us off fossil fuels using American technology for the health of the planet.

— Jay Fisher, Reno

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