Cannabis lounges need law change

I just wanted to remind your readers that Nevada, like Colorado, has an indoor-smoking law (NRS 202.2483) that prohibits smoking inside most restaurants and places of employment. That includes marijuana. Although cannabis consumption lounges (RN&R, February 2023) were authorized in 2021, the Nevada Legislature did not create an exception in the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act (NCIAA) for smoking marijuana. Any statute or regulation inconsistent with the NCIAA is actually null and void. It would be wise for local governments to oppose such establishments until the NCIAA is properly amended. 

– Sean McCoy, Reno

Lithium mine a threat to environment

I am appalled at lack of concern for land, air, and life on the part of the BLM (RN&R, March 2023). That (Thacker Pass lithium mine site) is the last of the wide open wild spaces in the world. It’s forever lost every time a bull dozer touches it. How short-sighted can we and the BLM be? Who will care about a lithium battery in 300 years? — Dorothy Hudig, Reno.

Sheila Leslie’s return to RN&R

Welcome back to Sheila Leslie! (RN&R, March 2023) I’ve missed her clear-headed, insightful, and relevant comments these past few years. I totally agree with the last paragraph of this week’s article: Nevada children before another tax break for Musk!

– Patricia Lilley, Reno

Thank you, Sheila! SO glad to see you back! Mental health is a continuing and concerning cause. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront. – Linda Brown, Reno

Pride flag inappropriate at church

I say this first: I do not hate any group of people. To me hate is a very strong expression. That being said, I find it uncomfortable that a church (I am an Evangelical Lutheran Churches of America member) claiming to be ‘all inclusive’ no matter your lifestyle, would feel the need to hang a flag that specifically identifies one group (RN&R, March 2023).  Those that are not part of gay pride feel discriminated against. It would show solidarity to fly the ELCA flag or American flag. It really comes down to who meets/greets you when you walk in the door.

– Barbara B., Reno

BLM is wrong to trap mustangs

To lure these horses with hay and water to trap them (RN&R March 2023) should be a federal offense and, in fact, is — except (that) these trappings were done by the BLM, who has never done anything to protect these horses. They are beloved horses and managed humanely on the range and should be returned intact so that their genetics and families can continue to thrive. Residents who don’t want horses in their yards should erect fences to keep them out, not move to horse habitat and demand their removal.

Lee Thornton, Douglas County

You have to wonder about why someone would move to an area with wildlife — and then want the wildlife gone. May God forgive them; no one else will. The wild horse advocates/volunteers worked tirelessly to redirect horses back to their range. Shame on the BLM and those participating.

Linda Reynolds, Reno

The BLM knows what it’s doing is wrong, but the people in power have long been corrupted by special interests. This capture is needless, cruel and inexcusable. Private landowners can fence their property if they object to the horses wandering onto their property. And no, horses are not “feral”, the species originated in North America. We humans are the feral species on most lands occupied by wild horses.

– LuAnne Hedblom, Douglas County

Thank you for this article. I really hope it gets the story out there. I … have been following these horses via their advocates Facebook page for over 10 years. These horses help to raise the profile of the Carson Valley and the surrounding area. They bring in tourists, and therefore bring business for the communities. I truly hope that the remaining horses will be left to live out their lives wild and free and so continue to bring joy to their thousands of Facebook followers.

– Inez Soman, United Kingdom

Mike Pence, cowardly politician

Mike Pence finally said in March 2023, “History will judge Donald Trump” for his actions around January 6.

Way to pass the buck to history, Mike.

Mr. Pence could not bring himself to offer even a soft-shoe public judgment about his boss’ behavior until over two years after January 6th, 2021. Not until the political winds were starting to blow in a different direction for Republicans.

In America we have a saying, “If you see something, say something.” That means now, today, Mr. Pence, not two years later or down the road a generation or two. In his speech Pence did not encourage any legal action like prosecution, party censure, or disqualification from officeholding.

People of conscience who love their country should see Mr. Pence for what he is, a politician, not a leader. He lacks a conscience.

— Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, Utah

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