Diane Morgan in Cunk on Earth.

I readily admit that I am not aware of every good thing that is released on Netflix.

I got a note from my editor basically commanding me to watch Cunk on Earth, saying that if I didn’t, I was some kind of idiot. Actually, he pretty much calls me an idiot every day, regardless of what I am watching. He’s just so mean. (Editor: Bob lies … I only send monthly reminders that he is an idiot.)

Now, I usually don’t take my editor’s recommendations to heart, because he’s always pushing me toward shit like the latest Scooby-Doo movies or 80 for Brady. (Editor: Bob lies, again, although I do encourage him to watch the Madea movies. They are so intellectually stimulating and life-enriching!) However, the editor was on point for this one: Cunk on Earth is the funniest TV show I’ve seen in a long while.

A mockumentary of sorts, in the great tradition of Borat and This Is Spinal Tap, it features fictional journalist Philomena Cunk (the dryer-than-desert-sand Diane Morgan) as she trots the globe exploring human history. The five-episode series covers everything from Jesus to the Cold War—and, holy hell, is it ever funny. Diane Morgan is my new comedy hero.

Besides her hilarious on-camera narrations, Cunk conducts interviews with real historians who may or may not be in on the joke. (Some appear more in the know than others.) The episodes also contain hilarious running jokes that won’t get spoiled here, fake commercials out of nowhere, and an endless stream of blink-and-you-will-miss-them gags.

Cunk is not the type of show you have on in the background while you are doing laundry. Sit down; stay calm; and just watch. It seems a bit dense at first, but once it clicks with your brain, I assure you, you will be laughing nonstop.

Here’s to hoping Cunk/Morgan will be exploring human history for many years to come.

Cunk on Earth is now streaming on Netflix.

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