Liam Kilroy

Tech account manager

Abe Lincoln. He proclaimed Thanksgiving as a holiday. At dinner, I’d ask him how to make politics pragmatic again. He’d probably say to be open-minded and not to be so ideologically extreme. He was a frontier lawyer and probably would prefer wild game, like pheasant, to our traditional turkey.

Jacob Nemec

Warehouse team lead

My grandfather, who died when I was only 1 year old. I’d like to get to know him. I’ve heard that he was a World War II vet, and there are family stories of him playing against Babe Ruth, and that he qualified for the Olympics in the 1930s. When he died, he had only two fingers left, as he had a lot of accidents in his woodshop. I would ask him if all these stories were true or family-embellished.

Sierra West


I would invite John Brown, the abolitionist. He caused an enormous slavery uprising and led a raid on Harpers Ferry, and I’m honestly thankful for the opportunity to fight today for what I believe in, and to fight for what is right. I’d ask him what he was most thankful for in his fight as an abolitionist.

Taylor Huntsman

HVAC tech

My mom. She’s a traveling nurse. She moved across the country two years ago to be with her new boyfriend. I try to talk with her on the phone as much as possible, but if she came to Thanksgiving dinner, we could catch up on our lives’ events in person. We’d probably have palacsinta with our dinner. We’re Hungarian, and palacsinta is a type of crepe.

Annie Zucker

Community relations

I’d invite Stevie Nicks! She’s a mysterious person and has lived a very successful life. She is also a private person. I’d ask her at dinner how her life experiences have shown through her music. I’d also ask her what her life was like on tour. I don’t know if I’d actually invite her. I wouldn’t want my vision of her to be shattered.

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