Note: Robert Beadles was the subject of our October edition cover story, and was mentioned in Abbi Whitaker’s guest comment piece. He asked for the opportunity to respond to the latter. 

So I was forwarded this opinion piece by Abbi Whitaker. Her headline reads: Pick a side: the rule of law, or the Big Lie and authoritarianism.

Wow, talk about gaslighting!

How out of touch can she be? So Democrats are now the rule of law? Have you been downtown lately? We’re now ranked the most dangerous city in Nevada and are 45% higher in violent crime nationally. All under her good buddy, Hillary Schieve.

So that’s the rule of law she admires? Out of control homelessness, out of control crime, under her buddies? That’s what she’s about?

As to the big lie, have you or her heard Biden’s own words? Or what about this? Has she read the articles at Operation Sunlight? Has she read the court documents? Has she seen that 83% of people believe there are issues with our election?

What’s wrong with accountability? Why can’t we get our day in court? Judges with no spines. The proof is in the filings, but it gets dismissed on standing or loopholes. The people are wise to what’s happening

As to Democrats being good for the economy, have you looked at inflation lately? Have you looked at our Democrat-run state? Small businesses makeup over 90% of our Nevada businesses, and 50,000 or more are now closed for good. Why? Democrat policies and mandates.

Places like Florida are thriving. Why? They follow the Constitution and rule of law far better. Remind me again, what party is in charge there? Yes, Republicans.

It’s so funny I’m called far right. What’s wrong with being right?

Look into what I’m saying. You’ll see I’m right.

We need people who respect the rule of law and Constitution like Jim Marchant in charge. Why is accountability in our elections so divisive? Is it because if we have accountability in our elections, we’d see a ton of our so-called public servants be voted out?

Back to Abbi: Maybe she’s just upset because I didn’t give money to her friends and candidates she and her agency are pushing on all of us? Her husband asked me to meet one of their buddies running for office. I did; I wasn’t impressed, so I didn’t cut them a check. Maybe she’s still mad?

We’re told Abbi also received over $100,000 from the city of Reno to do PR work for the same feckless people ruining our lives here in Reno? Maybe she likes the economy here, because she makes her money off running politicians and sorts? Democrat, globalist money is YUGE!

Have you looked at Abbi’s Nevada Secretary of State contribution and expense reports? Look where her money comes from. It’s definitely not from you or me.

Folks, we’re waking up to these politicians who are burning our county and country down and those who promote them. Why in the world would we support people like Hillary Schieve, her good pal, who for 10 years has failed this city, and somehow got rich at the same time? Why would we give these people a promotion?

If we owned a business, and these were our employees, I’m pretty sure we’d fire them ALL. I know I would.

We see what’s happening to our country under these so-called Democrats, who supposedly love democracy. They get richer while we all get stuck with the tab.

Homelessness, crime, inflation, stolen elections and more happen on their watch. They have failed us; it’s time they are fired.

We no longer need incompetent (at best) people running or ruining our lives. It’s time we put in conservative, God-fearing people from our own neighborhoods, who live in the neighborhoods they represent, who actually will represent us, not special interests or their own interests above ours. Abbi may not be effected by these people she’s promoting to us all, but you and I surely are.

The press, Dems, etc., love to use word games, point fingers at us, claim we’re all at fault for what they’re doing to us. We’re onto their game. We know the people she is promoting as “Democrats” have failed us. They must go. She and others like to attack the messenger, not the message.

For the love of God, look into our actual message and claims. Get outside of the Google sphere and use other search engines, click my links, and decide for yourself who’s telling the truth.

If you look at Schieve and others she promotes, just go downtown, just go to the supermarket for milk, go to the gas station. Do you feel they’re doing a good job for us? Do you want more of that?

Washoe has literally become the worst at everything. Taking care of our precious elders, our children in schools, our vets, the rampant crime and homeless issues, enough!

Vote George Eddie Lorton over Hillary. We’ve suffered enough; let’s clean it up.

These people love to call us names, but we know what’s going on. I’ve had enough; have you? Let them call us names, lie about us and more; we know we’re right and must do what’s right, say enough and call out their B.S.

It’s time we have a peaceful purge of people setting fire to our county and country. They gotta go! People are waking to their lies, gaslighting and finger-pointing. We, with an IQ over 60, know we’ve been sold out.

Vote for Democrats, and you get what you deserve. Go downtown, to the gas pump, the store, and the southern border, for a glimpse if you need a reminder.

It’s time for a change. Vote Republican down ballot, and save yourself and your family.

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  1. Back to the Qanon websites for you dim bulb. So interesting you rail on about all the bad things the evil democrats did/have done but offer no solutions. Typical republican spewing with glittering generalities and no truth. Rather spend your time destroying democracy I guess. Time to go back to California or rather Florida which you hold as a beacon hope. I’ll pay for your bus ticket.

  2. I agree with you but I can see it’s BOTH parties and voting Red for governor is a big mistake he’s a Rino who are just as bad or sometimes worse. I refuse to vote Lombard o he’s a failure as a sheriff & will be controlled as governor without a having as thought of his own! His education plan is a carbon copy of joeys! No thanks I will not be a sellout

  3. After reading Mr. Beadles’ reply it got me thinking (OK prompted a few particular thoughts):
    1) On the left – he stated we need competent people in office and I think back to President Trumps cabinet. There you go…. there’s a bunch of competent people (Sarcasm). I’d like to see competent people in office too. Can we get some to run (any party will do)?
    2) On the right – It is true that Democrats seem to be a “tax & spend” crowd however Republicans seem to be just a “spend” crown. Both parties are guilty of expanding our money supply (the cause of our current inflation) and I defy anyone to send me recent evidence to the contrary. Even though the Right is often seen as “war hawks” (yes Bush/Cheney did take us to war) and President Biden did end Afghanistan conflict (although with great incompetence), Both sides deserve this title. Taunting China with Pelosie’s visit and fanning the flames of the Ukraine conflict (don’t get me started on this one) don’t seem like peace loving moves to me.
    What we need is competence and pragmatism in our public servants with an eye always towards simple interpretations of the U.S. Constitution. If the need arises….. Vote 3rd party (rather than furthering the “us & them” mind set that is taking over and destroying our country.
    My .02 worth

  4. I’m glad that Beadles again brought up the issue of the “theft” of the Republican primary contest between Joey Gilbert and Joe Lombardo (see his link to “court documents”). I read a fair amount of Gilbert’s court filing which seems to rest entirely on statistical analysis of vote counts comparing the proportional results of early voting, election day voting, and mail-in voting, and how they differed from what is supposedly expected in a “fair election.” The elephant in the room, never mentioned, was the unprecedented backdrop of a pandemic that was all but certain to change voting behavior to a significant degree. But in spite of the ridiculous certitude of the lawsuit’s factually unsubstantiated claims of illicit computer algorithms changing the results, I did find one aspect remarkably refreshing. There was no claim whatsoever that George Soros was the mastermind and puppeteer behind the scenes, imposing his will and making all the players dance to his election waltz. Perhaps we’ll have to wait until an election involves a Democrat for Soros to be named as the culprit. Until then, we’ll just try to imagine that a Republican could conceivably engage in election theft. Oh my, that is such a stretch!

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