Kat Ryan

Eco warrior

I got my degree last year in conservation. I wanted to be a part of the fight to save endangered species, plants and habitats. I consume a vegan diet to offset the effects of the meat industry on the environment. I love to travel, and I feel the pressure to travel and see things before they’re gone due to climate change.

Sarah Geo Walton

Family resource coordinator/small business owner

Climate change has made me more aware of resources. Lack of water here in Nevada brings the risk of fires. In my business, we rent out cloth diapers, which allows people to waste less. I don’t explore the wilderness as much as I used to because of the fire risk, and I don’t water my trees as much as I used to.

Sean Stitt

Tavern owner

I try to watch how and where I buy things. I try to use conscious companies, and I watch my own input into the world, like conserving gas and using recyclable and reusable products in my business. We source locally and use a swamp cooler rather than have an air conditioner. I try to do something to help the environment every day. That’s something we can all do.

Chad Sweet

Tech director

Climate change is influencing my buying decisions. I shop for products with less packaging or no packaging. The next car that I buy will be electric; it couldn’t be anything else. I buy some food products in bulk and bring my own containers. I shop locally to help save on shipping and fuel consumption. Vote with your dollar!

Miguel Jimenez-Cruz


I’m a touring musician, and climate change definitely affects life on the road. We toured the East Coast last summer, and it was scorching hot. We camped outside rather than staying in very hot hotel rooms. Also, it was expensive to stay in a hotel. The prices have gone up. I’ve lost a lot of work and missed a lot of gigs due to wildfires.

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  1. Long Environmental Rant:

    I think we mostly agree that climate change is an international problem that can only be solved by personal initiatives. I hear about folks who eschew meat or buy an electric car in the name of helping the environment (the second of which is being proffered by our government). One should look into the ramifications of their actions before making unsubstantiated claims about them. Being vegan or buying an electric car is (at this point in time) probably BAD for the environment (if you look at the carbon released due to the assemblage and transportation of these actions).

    We don’t currently have enough copper above ground to build the infrastructure to charge a national fleet of electric vehicles. Any guesses as to how much pollution is released in mining and refining copper in the 10 year lead time required for a major mine? Never mind the environmental damage done by rare earth metals needed for batteries (that’s batteries for solar and wind as well). Any guesses how much petroleum is used to fertilize, keep free of insects and transport grains and vegetables for a balanced vegan diet? With a world population of nearly 8 billion, organic farming could never keep up)? It’s proven that livestock is not an efficient way to produce protein either but the alternative isn’t a great as it appears on the surface.

    I don’t claim to have the answers. Population control? Yea. Try and sell that one :). I’m all for being environmentally conscious but try to NOT buy into the latest government/propaganda fads without giving it a deeper look. Obviously deeper than their proponents have. At a recent seminar one energy executive said U.S. energy policies are like minimizing the use of AC or heat when the kids (other countries on this earth) keep leaving the windows and doors open.

    Thanks for letting me rant :).

  2. I rarely go out. I don’t liter. I recycle I use hand me down til they fall apart. I respect the environment I am on limited income and many of the talk seems to shame folks into changing. Sometimes its often what u don’t see that makes a difference. I don’t travel more than I half to due to costs and it bugs me that I see and hear we addressing climate but then traveling, bearing more children, less resources. Sorry I had to rant. I am doing my part and have all my life. In my demented mind how can you save the planet if you travel and emit fumes either by gas or resources to make the EVs. We have some of the cleanest air compared to other countries. Our way of living is also way different that other countries. using EV to deliver food to those without means seems a mode to show how it can be a win win.

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