Mobilize for abortion rights

What if turning abortion decisions over to state governments (RN&R, July 1) was a good thing? What if enough people were sufficiently outraged that they took grass-root action by competing in local and state-wide elections? What if everyone who was outraged and feeling betrayed by a system that is making rules based on extreme minority views voted? What if courts were pressed hard with the other parts of the constitution such as the right to not have anyone’s religion imposed on them? My guess is that red states would eventually turn blue and we’ll have evolved past whatever it is that has taken over this version of the Republican Party.  And welcome back, RN&R.  Stay safe and sane,

Mike Rottmann, Virginia Highlands

More rights are endangered

Although Nevadans’ abortion rights are safe from the right-wing nuts on the Supreme Court and elsewhere, make no mistake that civil rights – including abortion, LBGTQ marriage, birth control are on the ballot in Nevada and everywhere else in November. The religious fanatics vote! The normal people need to get to the polls in force to counter their minority views.

Barbara Patterson, Reno

‘The new (RN&R) is here!’

After reading the July 2022 publisher’s note regarding the emotional response to the return of the RN&R, I too, reacted excitedly – a’ la shades of Steve Martin in The Jerk: “The new phone book is here! The new phone book is here!” Thank you so much.  I am looking forward to the next, and the next……

Connie Caughlan, Gardnerville

Memories of the RN&R

I saved my (RN&R newspaper) rack because we’ve loved you so much. I’d look at it and be swamped with warm memories. Mine was one of the small businesses that decided to stay closed. I loved to look out over a dining room of contented people eating Sunday brunch and reading your paper—best of luck! Xo. Barb Giacomini, Reno (via Facebook)

The Big Liars must lose

Thank you for your comments on candidates who believe in the Big Lie (RN&R, July 1). If they don’t accept the results of a free and fair election they have zero credibility as candidates.  These people think elections are valid only if they win. They should be banned from holding office in Nevada and anywhere else in the United States.  

Ben Lawrence, Truckee

We need better candidates

I would agree that the still lasting belief that our last election was “fixed” is pretty ridiculous (RN&R, July 1). To believe and perpetuate this lie, IMHO shows a lack of intelligence. That said, it still doesn’t make the opposing party appear all that much smarter. Being a semi libertarian (in pure form their platform is unworkable), I sometimes lean a little right. Trump wasn’t wrong in all things, he just had zero diplomatic skills (yup I voted against him for this reason.) OTOH President Biden is weak and ineffectual (Russia and China see this and are taking this opportunity to get their punches in). Trump = Butt head and Biden = Idiot. Can’t we get a candidate who thinks clearly yet still has both feet planted on the ground (like that “reasonable man or woman” who interprets our constitution)? It makes me sad.

John B, Reno (Via RN&

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  1. I liked the photo of your Kappel typewriter. I never heard of it. I own a Royal and an Underwood, both portables, in very good condition, although the cases are well worn. I type up a letter or two to send to my family, rather then send them an email. I first learned on my cousin’s typewriter which had the keys covered with bubble gum.

  2. The Big Lie? You mean the Clinton Campaign “Russia Hoax”? Or when Democrats challenged Trump’s election? Or calling Jan.6 an “insurrection” (It was a “mostly peaceful protest” using Democrat metrics).

  3. The very idea of excusing student debt is clearly wrong headed. Think about what this does. It rewards bad behavior and punishes those who have acted responsibly. Seeing what a trap the student loan program was we advised our daughter NOT to take one. As it was my ex wife and I paid for most of her education (our daughter worked part time and earned scholarships as well). Why should we now pay eatra taxes to prop up deadbeats who won’t pay off their debt.
    Student loans would have been a smart play if there had been some oversight of the program. IMO Buying cars, paying rent and fast food dinners are ancillary to getting an education and shouldn’t be included. As it turned out the program was so liberal (not using this word in a political sense) that Colleges and Universities quickly upped their price and reaped the profits. How about an audit of these “non-profit” organizations forcing them to pay back the excesses they’ve collected.
    Is the government (our tax money) going to pay us back the $100k+ that we spent sending our daughter to school? Again, reward for poor judgment and punishment for responsibility is what is built into this decree.
    This program will have to be paid for by printing money, adding to our already astronomical public debt, causing even more inflation along the way. IMHO it’s another step in the wrong direction for our country.
    Just my .02 ($50k) worth.

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