At the end of their fifth season, The Kids in the Hall buried themselves in a field as Paul Bellini—wearing a towel, as always—visited their gravestone. The boys from Canada apparently thought their comedy troupe was coming to an end.

That was not the case. After their poorly received movie, Brain Candy (made while the rest of the troupe was feuding with Dave Foley), the boys went quiet. They eventually reformed for some tours, and they did the very funny miniseries Death Comes to Town (2010), but their irreverent and sometimes nasty brand of sketch comedy remained in that aforementioned grave.

Until now. Thanks to Amazon Prime, a sixth, eight-episode season is upon us—and this is no standard reboot. I’m happy to report that KITH have lost none of their edge. They remain as funny as they ever were—and, in fact, they’ve gotten a whole lot nastier. They go full frontal in the first episode, and that’s just them getting started.

This is not a case of getting back together for a cash grab and phoning it in. This is atomically (and anatomically) funny stuff, with each member (Foley, Scott Thompson, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald and Mark McKinney) at the top of their games. These episodes do offer some character returns (“crushing your head” guy, gay icon Buddy Cole), but the big surprise is how much totally new and crisply creative sketches the group conjured up.

There are too many great moments to mention, but a major shout-out goes to Dave Foley’s apocalypse DJ, who sits in a bunker performing a morning show as his generator is running low on fuel. Foley spends much of this skit sitting in sullen silence, and it’s just one of those things you must see to understand. It’s macabre comedy at its best.

I really hope this isn’t a one-shot thing, and the troupe has some more seasons in them. But if they do call it a day after this, they’ve gone out on a supremely high note.

Kids in the Hall’s sixth season is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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