My rant last week about people perpetually screwing up the word “asterisk” was one of the finest examples of “get off my lawn” journalism you’re gonna find anywhere. Really top notch crabbery. Thank you.

Back in October, we all knew what was gonna happen—Libtards and Deplorables alike. The House was gonna impeach Trump. Check. The case would be beyond solid. Check. Moscow Mitch was gonna railroad it on the fast track to Whitewash City. Check. The Senate, with its 52 card-carrying members of Cult 45, would acquit Prez Capone. Check. In the entirely predictable melodrama, there was only one surprise. The fella from Utah.

Was the Big Story last week Romney’s vote to convict? Where one Republican dared to look at the case, dared to see that it was a total slam dunk and dared to vote accordingly? How dare he?! Expel this imposter! Or was the bigger story the fact that 52 Retrumplican senators went full tilt Ostrich? That 52 senators failed utterly and chose, once again, to grovel at the foot of Trump, history, honesty and oaths be damned?

Of course I like Bernie. And Liz. And Pete. And Joe. But let’s admit they all have their Achilles’ heels. They have their strengths, no doubt. But there are soft spots. Yes, Hillary beat Trump’s ass by 3 million votes. And, yes, a black guy won the thing. Twice. So we can indeed make some headway, despite America’s various dumbass prejudices.

I wonder, though, if it’s Mike Bloomberg who scares the fuck out of Dipshit. Is it possible that “Little Mike” just might … be the guy? The ReDumplicans have their billionaire (a fake one, for sure). OK, with Bloomberg, we got our billionaire, and he’s the real Don Steele. Indeed, our billionaire could put The Trump Organization in a friggin’ trash compactor. Forbes estimates Bloomberg’s fortune is $62 billion. That’s what’s known as real money.

Let’s not dismiss the other billionaire. Tom Steyer has some genuine cred, seeing as he was calling for Dum Dum’s impeachment long before anybody else. He was as horrified by Twitler as you and I, and he did something about it. That counts. And … he was right.

Yes, they’re buying their way into the Game. If that’s the way it is, that’s the way it is. Just because a guy is a billionaire doesn’t mean he’s automatically an asshole. Chances are very good, yes, but it’s also somewhat possible that he’s a decent, reasonable human being. Hey, it could happen! And their money is now having a real impact. Here it comes.

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