You know, a guy just can’t help but notice that Trump, when it comes to his taxes, acts exactly like a man who doesn’t just want to keep all of that info secret, he’s downright desperate to do so. Maybe it’s the brand new team of $500-an-hour lawyers he’s hired to keep all this tax stuff completely invisible. The optics just aren’t real good, ya know? So gee, let’s go ahead and take a wild stab here—that a man who has lied his ass off for 50 years just might have fibbed a little on his taxes a couple of times? I know, I know. Kind of a stretch, right? I’m getting to be such a cynic! (Is Prez Capone gonna fight to the death about his taxes because he knows that it was a simple tax evasion bust that finally brought down the real Capone?)

Nice to see that more and more folks are getting over the hurdle about Pete Buttigieg’s name (boot-a-jedge) and actually hearing the good stuff he has to say. By the time the debates begin rolling in June, he’s gonna be a player. In fact, he appears to already be one. (Maybe he’s this year’s Jimmy Carter?) Another guy who has something important to say, and knows how to say it—Jay Inslee, the climate change candidate. He’s a smart, committed, courageous man, and we could use a few of those in top level spots these days.

OK, the first show is in the books, and yes, they brought the Thronocity last Sunday night. (Jeez, that poor Umber kid.) The word is that episode three coming up on the 28th will be—well, the word underwhelming won’t be applicable. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only viewer around these parts who noticed that Dany and Jon’s Dreamy Dragon Cruise looked like it was happening right here in the High Sierra. Jeez, I kept looking for the crushing Tahoe shot while they flew and frolicked about on their big lizards. (Is it just me, or does Game of Thrones right now have about 10 times more buzz than the last three Star Wars flicks combined?)

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