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Re “Dog gone” (Arts& Culture, Sept. 20):

I too have had similar experiences with unleashed dogs as Andy Clayman describes in “Dog Gone.” In once incident, I was literally punched in the face for complaining to a neighbor about his dog’s incessant barking. In another, my wife was chased through our yard and in the front door by a dog that charged her after running loose from a neighbor’s property. In other instances, we have both been approached by unleashed, barking and snarling dogs while trying to enjoy hikes in Reno and Washoe County parks and on nearby public lands where leashing dogs is the law, not merely a suggestion. In one case on a public trail, the dog owner laughed while his animal went wild barking as us. We now carry sturdy hiking poles—the kind with sharp, pointy ends—and pepper spray for self-defense.

As Mr. Clayman also experienced, dog owners become defensive and hostile when confronted with their law-breaking behavior. My experience is that this happens 100 percent of the time, making it risky and a waste of time to personally approach them. My suggestion is for Washoe County Animal Services (WCAS) to forget about their Park Patrol initiative and immediately start citing off-leash dog owners without warning, and also those who don’t pick up their dog’s shit. There are plenty of signs, and dog owners know the law. WCAS also needs to take citizen complaints more seriously and follow up with investigations and enforcement actions. If they need more uniformed officers to get more aggressive about enforcement, Washoe County should provide the funds to hire them. Perhaps a few $400 fines would help get the word out that WCAS law enforcement is serious.

In a related issue, I’m grateful that area food stores have finally started posting prominent signs about no dogs being allowed (except legitimate service animals) inside. For a while there, every food market I patronized was full of dogs, and not the service type. I just wish dog owners would step up and responsibly control their animals. People do not want to be approached by strange dogs, and I don’t care if you tell me your dog is “friendly.”

Stan White


It’s back: The vampire theory of gay reproduction

Since homosexuals do not reproduce and hence are not normal and will not “survive,” according to Charles Darwin, and since a homosexual orientation has a cognitive rather than a genetic origin which would be contrary to Darwin’s laws of nature, the LGBT must constantly replenish its out and open Love Gone Bad Today cesspool through the indoctrination of innocent impressionable minds, as young as 2 years old.

This is child abuse! LGBT pushers are sex offenders. No sex offender may live, work or loiter within 1,000 feet of any school, childcare facility, school bus stop or place where minors congregate. Yet LGBT pushers are given free-range to pervert other people’s children in the name of “equality,”; e.g. the American Library Association’s “Drag Queen Story Hour” to give children “queer role models” and, I suspect, to prepare them for their first encounter with non-conforming sex organs in rest, shower and locker rooms.

Feces can never equal food unless you eat it, and that’s what Americans have been doing since the Love Gone Bad Today cesspool surfaced and the ACLU (All Cesspools Lifted Up, pedophiles next), the Obama administration and the US Supreme Court started feeding it to us.

May God drain the LGBT cesspool through the law of repentance and inspire the creation of laws to protect the innocence of children and prohibit their adoption by homosexuals or pedophiles.

Michael W. Jarvis

Salt Lake City

Editor’s note: According to the Harvard Mental Health Letter, July 2010: “Homosexual adults are no more likely than heterosexuals to abuse children.” In addition, as we have previously reported (“On paper,” Nov. 20, 2014), “Moreover, considerable research suggests that pedophilia is a separate sexual identity from heterosexuality and homosexuality.”


Re “Driver” (15 Minutes, Sept. 20):

In last week’s 15 Minutes column, we wrote that Don’tDrive was founded by Devin Kahl and Tristan Houston. The correct spelling of Mr. Houston’s first name is Tristen. We apologize for the error.

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