I’ve had it up to here with zombies. (I stopped watching The Walking Dead after season two.) But this genre film, set in the Australian Outback, is actually pretty good. Martin Freeman stars as a man surviving a zombie apocalypse on a houseboat with his wife and baby daughter. Things go very badly not long after the movie starts, and he must battle to survive on land to ensure a future for his family. Directors Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke, who also wrote the screenplay, keep the origins of the apocalypse shrouded in secrecy and that’s a good move. There are cool elements, like government provided survival—and disposal—packs for those who become infected, and the fact that Freeman has a baby strapped to his back during a rather harrowing medical emergency. The film relies more upon its sense of dread and impending doom rather than straight-up zombie violence. The humans who aren’t sick turn out to be a lot scarier than the ghouls. The movie is more The Road than Dawn of the Dead, and Freeman’s stellar work makes it worth seeing, even if you’ve had your fill of flesh eaters. (Streaming on Netflix.)

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