Are doctors liable?

Recently a doctor in Sparks diagnosed “alcohol abuse” (alcoholism) in a patient. The doctor did not inform the patient of her diagnoses. Instead she secretly added it to his medical records. Nor did she prescribe drugs to treat him. Nor did she refer him to an addiction specialist.

Alcohol abuse causes 88,600 accidental deaths a year. Will a doctor who fails to alert police that a dangerous person just departed her office be liable for any deaths he might cause by running over children in a crosswalk?

Charles Barbyn


Perky little letter

In Las Vegas, there is a giant lot that holds all the obsolete neon signs, and it was a joy to wander around in. Regarding schools, I believe Traci Davis, Superintendent of Washoe Schools, should mess around with Tiger Woods to see how a successful school sets its policies.

Right behind Disneyland in Anaheim, California, sits the best school system I’ve ever dreamed of. (Too bad Trump doesn’t know how to communicate while golfing with Mr. Woods, but he is probably not a very good multi-tasker.) Walking through the school unnoticed and uninvited, I observed all the students in colorful clothes (before making them wear uniforms), with smiles and obviously enjoying getting an education where they selected what and how they wanted to learn. I believe the key might also have been the fact that with good grades, they got to go golfing at the course adjacent to the school campus. I’m going to write the Tiger Woods Learning Foundation to learn more.

First of all, I went to Sports Action West and was amazed at all the old people in skin-tight athletic clothes with two instructors who were clones to Farrah Fawcett. What 65-year-old lady has perky little tits? I would buy the Gazette Journal building (this would, of course, be a democratic process whereby if a majority of Renoites don’t like it, it won’t happen). I would turn this into a flophouse. In that last night at the Korean Store, there was a female screaming and talking to herself. Along the back wall would be “rant rooms,” that would be soundproofed for all those people who want to go into their personal rages, where they could scream at length with not a sound going outside of their room. Also, I would invite Joanna Gaines to equip the building with her used, comfortable furniture. (Did you know that when she opened the doors of her store in Waco, Texas, she was frantic about making the $200 needed to pay rent? She sold $2,800 on that first day.)

Next, due to being abandoned with four kids to raise, there really needs to be some sort of joy in the family when you don’t have enough food to energize all the participants in the sole-parent family. I would formulate an area where girls and moms could create “Blouse Buddies” whereby after judging the best pairing of blouses, an award is given (based on democracy, of course). For boys, I think it’s time the focus be centered on reading and writing with “Typeracer” races, and money given for the fastest guy—possibly they could study war and what it’s all about before joining the military. (Still hard to believe that the smiley-faced family guy, Obama, killed 2,500 in Afghanistan as opposed to Charlie Manson, who killed—what, seven?)

The first and foremost change to our current population would be using one of the ranches in the foothills or a mansion along the river for mental health and getting people back to normal from opiates.

Jeannie Jackson



Re “To the ballot” (news, April 19):

We quoted Kyle Roerink, publicist for a ballot petition, as saying Nevada spends $70 million annually on out-of-state fossil fuels. The figure should have been $700 million. We apologize for the error.

Re “Record keeper” (15 Minutes, April 19):

We reported that Record Store Day 2018 was on April 20. The event was on April 21. We regret the error.

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