The primary charm of Hot Tub Time Machine was seeing John Cusack running around in the ‘80s again. That was the main reason for the film existing, and the main reason it was funny. The secondary charm was the antics of Rob Corddry as Lou, the suicidal heavy metal fan who had to deal with his bullied past. The film was the first to really highlight Corddry’s talents, and he kicked some ass. Now comes this dreck, sans Cusack, with Corddry taking the lead. The movie sort of stinks, but I’m not putting all of the blame on Corddry. Movie sequels often prove to be unnecessary, and this one would be a king of the unnecessary sequels. First off, without Cusack, we’re missing the main reason for the franchise’s existence, the glue that held it all together. Cusack provided a nice anchor for the madness going on around him. Corddry and his cohorts (Craig Robinson as Nick, and Clark Duke as Jacob) just seem to be running around like mad in this movie, with no sense of purpose. The plot involves the boys jumping the tub and traveling to the future, where they mine just a few laughs. In truth, this film has no business being on the big screen. If you don’t have the dough to bring a major star back, but you still want to do a mediocre cash-in sequel, go ahead and make it with the secondary stars, but send the results straight to Netflix.

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