They always tell you that the best way to make friends in college is to join clubs and organizations based on your interests. And every university has sororities, fraternities, multicultural clubs and mathletes. But only at the University of Nevada, Reno will you find Burners wielding flaming fans out on the Quad every Friday night and flesh-eating zombies lying in wait outside of Cain Hall to take down unsuspecting human soldiers. Here is a rundown of just a few of the unique and interesting clubs and organizations UNR offers its students:

Humans vs. Zombies

A human and a zombie sit next to each other in Math 120. During class, they are civil, but once they hit the doors, the human has to run for his life lest he become assimilated into the growing army of zombies that threatens to take over the university campus. Humans vs. Zombies—one of UNR’s newest clubs—organizes a campus-wide games that last for two to three weeks at a time. The games start with one zombie intent on infecting the other players by tagging them one-by-one. The human army aims to take down the zombies with Nerf guns and sock grenades in an ongoing battle that spans the entire campus, except in academic buildings and residence halls, and does not come to a halt until one side has taken down the other.

Fire Spinning

Considering the integration of Burning Man culture in everyday Reno life, it was only a matter of time before the university gained a fire-spinning club — which it did about two years ago. No experience is necessary for club members, as more experienced fire-spinners are willing to teach newcomers all their best tricks, including juggling, hula-hooping, poi-spinning and using rope darts. The group meets weekly in the Quad on campus to put on a flaming display to attract new members. After a few practices, the members plan to put on formal performances on campus and around town.


While technically a club, FemSex was offered as a class for the first time during the spring 2012 and will be offered as a class again this fall. The concept for FemSex was inspired by a similar student-facilitated group offered at the University of California, Berkeley. With its focus on female sexuality, the FemSex group hopes to build a strong network of women within the university and its surrounding community. The club covers all topics regarding women’s issues, sex and health, but its purpose is greater than simply gathering college-aged women to have discussions. The club aims to help women explore and learn about their bodies and sexuality, but it also aims to facilitate social change in the community.


Indulge your inner fantasy fanatic and work on your roleplaying skills in Dragon Club, UNR’s one and only club centered on tabletop roleplaying games (like Dungeons & Dragons, for example). The group specializes in so many different games—from Warhammer to World of Darkness—and has so many members that there is a game available for you to join nearly every day of the week. The club welcomes expert players and novices alike, and its members will gladly help walk you through a myriad of fantastic lands as your Goliath Barbarian smashes everything in its path.

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