Photo By D. BRIAN BURGHART Registrar of Voters workers, from left, geographic information systems administrator Kobe Harkins, senior deputy Cate Sali, senor deputy Heather Carmen, office temp Shari Havelka, and election certification board chairman Greg Neuweiler, accept the final envelope from Spanish Springs at 9:01 p.m. on June 12.

There is at least one benefit to having the lowest election turnout numbers in decades—19.96 percent—on Tuesday: The counting goes really smoothly. In fact, workers in Registrar of Voters Dan Burk’s office were practically giddy with the ease of the process: A car would arrive and pass a sealed envelope with PCMCIA cards to one of the four workers or their backup at the front table. Other critical supplies went against the back wall, then the cards went on to another room have their contents tabulated.

“It’s like gears in a machine,” said Brian Takemoto, senior technology systems developer for Washoe County. “This goes here, hits that. This goes here, hits that. This goes here, hits that. Lots of checks and balances; they’re all checking and they’re all balancing.”

Even the registrar himself seemed relatively at ease. Early in the evening, he was called away from the office to help out at polling place—a worker at the Silverado poll had never broken down the station by herself, and she was nervous. Assuaging workers’ worried minds is something that only happens when the system is running flawlessly. Things were operating smoothly enough that Burk felt free to go to the field.

A second benefit of the dismal turnout is it is likely to provide support for efforts by Assemblymember Pat Hickey and others to push the primary election back to autumn.

What follows are figures for the top two finishers in each race. Uncontested races are not listed. Turnout figures are at the bottom.

U.S. Senate/Democratic

Shelley Berkley 62,055 / 9.46 percent

Nancy Price 4,208 / 5.39 percent

U.S. Senate/Republican

Sherry Brooks 5,353 / 5.19 percent

Dean Heller 88,926 / 86.28 percent

U.S. House/Democratic

Samuel Koepnick 8,860 / 40.53 percent

Xiomara Rodriguez 7,399 / 33.85 percent

Nevada Assembly district 30/Republican

Ken Lightfoot 1,299 / 65.08 percent

Lauren Scott 427 / 21.39 percent

Nevada Assembly district 40/Republican

Phillip Davies 1,434 / 27.83 percent

Pete Livermore 3,718 / 72.17 percent

Reno Councilmember/ward 1

Jenny Brekhus 1,318 / 21.65 percent

Bernie Carter 933 / 15.33 percent

Reno Councilmember/ward 3

Oscar Delgado 908 / 35.57 percent

Cliff Young 556 / 21.78 percent

Reno Councilmember/ward 5

Neoma Jardon 2,151 / 46.00 percent

Kitty Jung 1,879 / 40.18 percent

RENO Councilmember at large

Hillary Schieve 4,978 / 25.36 percent

David Ward 3,953 / 20.14 percent

Washoe Commission/district 1 (D)

Andrew Diss 2,373 / 62.68 percent

Skyler Kachurak 1,413 / 37.32 percent

Washoe Commission/district 4 (R)

Vaughn Hartung 2,860 / 56.87 percent

Jesse Gutierrez 1,473 / 29.29 percent

University regent

Ron Knecht 953 / 55.28 percent

Michon Mackedon 525 / 30.45 percent

State school board/district 2

Donna Clontz 16,845 / 25.36 percent

Dave Cook 20,255 / 30.50 percent

Washoe School Board district E

David Aiazzi 3,030 / 43.62 percent

Diane Nicolet 2,335 / 33.61 percent

Washoe school board/district A

Lisa Ruggerio 5,061 / 53.19 percent

Dale Richardsone 3,079 / 32.36 percent

Nevada voter registration 1,058,808

Ballots cast 199,797 / 18.87 percent

Washoe voter registration 217,905

Ballots cast 43,497 / 19.96 percent

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