The Whitney Myer Band’s frontwoman recently auditioned for The Voice, a television singing competition. In the early rounds of the show, contestants audition to attract the attention of one of the show’s four celebrity voice coaches, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, with hopes of joining their teams for future episodes. Myer is contractually bound not to reveal how her audition went until the episode airs. We did our best to pry information from her. The Voice airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

I know you’re restricted. What can you say?

I can say that I’ve auditioned for The Voice, and that blind auditions continue next Monday [Feb. 13] at 8 p.m. … I don’t know which episode I’m going to be on.

But you do want people to see the episode you’re on?

Yes, absolutely. I’d love for everybody to tune in and watch the show in general, so that when my audition does air, that our community will know that they have someone from Reno who has tried to do that.

Is it a fair deduction that because you want us to see it that means you made it on a team?

No, that is not a fair deduction. [Laughs.]

Another contestant is coming to town for a show with you?

Absolutely. I made a really good friend while I was there. Her name is Lindsey Pavao. She auditioned last night, and she had three chairs turn around [three judges chose her], and she is on Christina Aguilera’s team. She’s awesome. Basically my band is going to be backing her up, in an acoustic way, and we’ll play full band after her. … Cargo in CommRow, March 1.

What else is going on?

We’re playing South By Southwest this year. And we’re also going to release a single along with my audition whenever that airs. So we have a single almost ready—in the process of getting on iTunes right now. It’s called “Broken.” … I’m really excited about the single. Really excited. We recorded it at Tom Gordon’s studio, which is awesome. … I’m really excited about trying to promote that and get some radio airplay.

You’re probably not allowed to talk about whose team you would want to be on …

Probably not.

It’s funny when a lot of contestants get up there, they act like they don’t know whose team they want to be on. It seems like something you’d think about beforehand.

Well, I’d say that it is something that you think about beforehand, but I’m just going to venture out and say that, in the moment, I’m sure there’s a lot of things going through your head, and plus, it’s not like you know who those people are, the coaches. When they’re talking to you, I’m sure you get a different idea of who they are than who you thought they were. Does that make sense?

How so?

I don’t think I can continue. [Laughs.] I’ll get myself in trouble.

Cool. Good walking the line. Anything else you want to mention?

I would definitely really recommend that people come to the show March 1, because it’s going to be our last local show, and we’re going to have Lindsey there, which will be really cool. It’s an all-ages show, which I think is important.

It’s going to be your last local show?

Well, it’s going to be our last local show for a little while.

How come?

Just because we’re going to be playing out of town a lot, and there’s going to be other things happening.

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