News on the Comstock
New York’s Utica Observer Dispatch recently noted, “Unfortunately, the era of two-newspaper towns has passed, even in large cities.”

It’s not really that bad—there are believed to be at least 90 two-newspaper towns in the most populous 150 markets—but it’s bad enough because the number is certainly dwindling, and many of the survivors are fragile.

Virginia City is probably not the kind of town that comes quickly to mind in these kinds of discussions, but it is a true two-newspaper town. The Comstock is fortunate to be served by two voices, the Virginia City Register and the Comstock Chronicle, with very different views of the news.

Now, the Register is for sale.

“We are currently negotiating with some local people who would like to take over the publication and continue the paper’s content and style,” the editors announced in the May 13 edition, adding that “other interested parties are large publishers who own other newspapers.” They invited offers from additional bidders.

“The first serious reasonable offer takes it.”

The newspaper says it has 300 subscribers.

The Comstock Chronicle, which competes with the Register, is owned by the same company that owns the Sparks Tribune.

Dennis Myers was the news editor of the Reno News & Review. He was a journalist for more than four decades. In 1987-88 he was chief deputy secretary of state of Nevada. He was coauthor of Uniquely...