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Week of Oct. 19, 2022

From the editor’s desk

The late Mylan Hawkins was a warrior for health care and reproductive rights, as well as a mentor for young Nevada activists. RN&R contributor Willie Puchert explains Mylan’s legacy and how she affected the trajectory of his life.

Foodie Cheree Boteler gives readers a taste of Hinoki O, a Reno restaurant that introduces “omakase” dining to the Biggest Little City. The Japanese term basically means “I leave it up to you”—and Chef Duc Du offers his customers 12 to 18 thoughtfully curated courses.

Bob Grimm says that Halloween Ends is the second-best flick of the new Halloween trilogy, but he takes issue with some unanswered questions about the killer’s origin that linger after the film’s finale.

Retired Reno broadcaster Bill Brown is in the midst of a second career as an author of thrillers and science fiction. Our Western Lit feature focuses on Bill’s latest book, a collection of short stories inspired by his experiences as a newsman, but incorporating supernatural plot twists.

Our letters column features tributes to Bruce Van Dyke, a critical take about the future of Burning Man, and a reader who takes aim at Jim Marchant, the election denier who is running for Nevada secretary of state. Marchant, who claims Nevada hasn’t had a fair and honest election in a dozen years, is leading his opponent, Cisco Aguilar, in recent polls.

Please pay attention to those bottom-of-the-ballot contests. This is not a normal election year.

I’ll see you in the funny papers.

Take care,

—Frank X. Mullen, Editor

From the RN&R

Mylan Hawkins, champion of healthcare and women’s rights, left a legacy to be nurtured by all Nevadans

By Willie Puchert

October 18, 2022

In August, Nevada lost a crusader for women’s rights and abortion access who also was a health care advocate for those with diabetes.

Incomplete conclusion: ‘Halloween Ends’ looks great and is well-acted, but it leaves too many unanswered questions

By Bob Grimm

October 17, 2022

While Bob has some admiration for Halloween Ends, he can’t quite recommend it, because it feels too incomplete.

An intimate experience: Duc Du (Hinoki Sushi, Haru) brings omakase to Reno with Hinoki O

By Cheree Boteler

October 13, 2022

With the success of his restaurants Hinoki Sushi and Haru, Duc Du saw the growing popularity of Japanese cuisine in Reno—and decided it was time to introduce the concept of omakase.

Reno newsman turned thriller author Bill Brown pens a collection of tales that blend facts with science fiction and the supernatural

By RN&R Staff

October 17, 2022

Retired TV newsman Bill Brown adds a collection of short stories to his books of supernatural thrillers and science fiction.

Letters of the fall: remembering BVD; Burning Man woes; libertarian hopefuls; and wacky election deniers

By Frank X. Mullen

October 19, 2022

RIP Bruce Van Dyke, pilot of the airwaves.

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