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Week of Aug. 17, 2022

From the editor’s desk

Patti and Marcia Bernard have fond memories of growing up at the Nevada State Prison, where their baby-sitter was a convicted child killer, and other inmates worked in their household. The sisters reminisced while visiting the now-closed Civil War-era lockup, which will be open for public tours in the fall, Janice Hoke reports.

Jessica Santina headed to Bartley Ranch to see the Sierra School of Performing Arts’ production of Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods,” and liked what she saw, for the most part—even though the second half of the play is a bummer. The production will be at Bartley Ranch for two more weekends before moving to the Reno Little Theater and then the Brewery Arts Center in Carson City.

Bob Grimm streamed “Day Shift,” a new flick starring Jamie Foxx as a pool cleaner who moonlights as a vampire hunter. Bob liked the movie about as much as Dracula enjoys garlic. Bob had a much better time watching Louis C.K.’s “Fourth of July,” which started slow but had some real “wow” moments in the second half.

Our letters to the editor column has several readers debating the wisdom of rent control and one epistle downplaying the dangers of COVID-19—more than a million American deaths and millions more “long hauler” cases notwithstanding. It’s really no big deal, I guess. Who knew?

I’ll see you in the funny papers,

—Frank X. Mullen, Editor

From the RN&R

Growing up among killers in a prison molded two sisters’ lives

By Janice Hoke

August 16, 2022

Patti and Marcia Bernard had an idyllic Nevada childhood: living at one of the state’s most historic sites, riding horses amid the sagebrush—and hanging out with murderers.

Be careful what you wish for: The Sierra School of Performing Arts’ ‘Into the Woods’ is quite charming, despite a long, slow second act

By Jessica Santina

August 17, 2022

The Sierra School of Performing Arts’ production of Into the Woods masterfully illustrates—with a few laughs along the way—just how rough fairy tales are.

This vampire movie sucks: Despite Jamie Foxx’s best efforts, Netflix’s ‘Day Shift’ is truly hard to watch

By Bob Grimm

August 15, 2022

Day Shift is sailing on a sea of very bad ideas—with lots of fake fangs in it.

Better as it goes: Louis C.K.’s ‘Fourth of July’ starts slowly, but ends with some real ‘wow’ moments

By Bob Grimm

August 15, 2022

Fourth of July is proof that Louis C.K. has some good stories left to tell, and that he might have his own “film” voice after all.

Summer mailbag: Readers sound off about rent control, COVID-19

By Frank X. Mullen

August 14, 2022

Our readers have their say on recent RN&R coverage.

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