Dan Hughes


Church music. I love the old recordings of it. My dad used to record the organist at church for me. It was an old pre-1930s organ. I like the sound of the organ, but I didn’t like the singing; they were always out of tune and off-key.

Steve Hadar


Nerdcore. It’s like nerdy hip hop, Dungeons and Dragons, nerdy techno. It’s funny as hell with very clever lyrics and great beats. It’s so under the radar and obscure. It’s so obscure that I have to turn friends on to it. MC Frontalot is one of my favorites. He’s the godfather of nerdcore.

Lisa Cosner


The Thompson Twins. It brings back memories from my past. Everything they sing about is true to every relationship. It’s like you’ve been through so much and still want to hold on. Some people say that it doesn’t make any sense, but I think it does. Why wouldn’t I like it?

Christian Confletti

IT communications

The Sweet, the old glam band, classic glam rock; not many people know of them. I used to blast it on cassette in my buddy’s old ’68 Olds back in high school. It’s nostalgic for me. Hanging out with punks, they wouldn’t get it. The Sweet had long hair, wore makeup, and wore platform heels and silky pants.

Darryl Clark


Rush. I grew up on Rush and still like them. I’ve told people that I like Rush, and they have said, “Why?” They think Rush is overplayed and that they’re a guys’ band and that the concerts are a “sausage fest” with guys with long hair and flannel shirts. They look different than a Britney Spears crowd. I’m in my 50s now; who cares?

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