Pete Davidson and Joe Pesci in Bupkis.

After a solid movie (The King of Staten Island) in which Pete Davidson basically played himself, he now has a solid eight-episode TV series, Bupkis, in which he basically plays himself.

This one plays more like Pete Davidson’s Curb Your Enthusiasm meets Entourage, with Davidson playing himself as he lives with his mom (Edie Falco, sort of taking over Marisa Tomei, who played Mom in Staten Island).

After a slow start, things pick up, especially in the fourth episode, “Crispytown,” in which Pete and his crew meet up with a crazy jewelry-store owner (an unhinged Simon Rex), and wild, fiery car chases ensue.

The show mixes real-world problems with bizarre, hallucinatory sequences. The “Crispytown” episode is an example of the otherworldly extremes, while a hilarious meeting with buddy John Mulaney (who recently went through drug problems) to discuss the rigors of rehab is more real-world. Both modes are frequently funny.

Joe Pesci comes out of retirement again to play Pete’s grandpa, and it’s the most fun he’s been since My Cousin Vinny. Falco is great as Mom, not to take away from the greatness that was Tomei in Staten Island.

Davidson successfully mines his own life story once again to create some decent entertainment. Time will tell if he and his co-creators can keep up the pace over multiple seasons, should the show be renewed.

Bupkis is now streaming on Peacock.

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