Spike McGuire is one of the most prominent members the Northern Nevada music scene. He’s frontman of the Americana band Six Mile Station, and he’s half of Saviors of Mankind, an acoustic hip-hop duo with performer Nulyphe. He also runs Loud as Folk, a community group of roots songwriters, and books bands at the Brewery Arts Center in Carson City. McGuire does it all and then some, making the local music scene a better place.

What was the first concert you attended?

John Prine at Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts, right here in ol’ Reno, Nevada. I was about 5 years old, and it made a lasting impression, to say the least.

What was the first album you owned?

A cassette copy of Baby Beluga by Raffi. I honestly think we can thank Raffi’s entire catalog for the modern resurgence of folk music and the singer/songwriter’s rise to prominence. He’s the voice of my generation, and people don’t talk about that enough.

What bands are you listening to right now?

Charity Kiss. Kat Heart. Heterophobia. Blunderbusst. Manchild. The new Deadly Gallows record; all bands under the Rachael McElhiney umbrella of musical awesomeness; whoever the weekly guest is on Worst Little Podcast; and everything released through ToneMark Sounds, Humaniterrorist or Voted Best Records. I am on a high-caloric musical diet; I have to consume at least 100 songs a day.

What artist, genre or musical trend does everyone love, but you don’t get?

National anthems. I prefer songs that promote global unity.

What musical act, current or defunct, would you most like to see perform live?

The Clash.

What’s your favorite musical guilty pleasure?

That’s a foreign concept to me. Never let someone make you feel guilty about any joy brought to your life through music.

What’s your favorite music venue?

The Crown Room at Crystal Bay Casino in Lake Tahoe. They bring in amazing national talent and support local acts; the staff is the best in the business; and Chango always has an immaculate mix.

What’s the one song lyric you can’t get out of your head?

“If I was to tell you that I was an astronaut, would you come with me on my rocket ship?” from “Marianarchy” by Nick Ramirez. That song is always in my head.

What band or artist changed your life? How?

The Mudsharks. My sister gave me a copy of Crackin’ Porcelain when I was 8 years old. At that age, it was a total revelation that there were “local bands” making music just as good, if not better, than what was on the radio and MTV (which, at the time, still played music).

You have one question to ask one musician. What’s the question, and who are you asking?

I’d ask Dolly Parton to leave Carl and run away with me.

What song would you like played at your funeral?

“Everywhere Now” by Willy Tea Taylor/The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit.

Figurative gun to your head, what is your favorite album of all time?

… And Out Come the Wolves by Rancid.

What song should everyone listen to right now?

“Best for Last” by Greg Gilmore and the Fever Dreams.

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