Matt Means

UNR Honors College dean

I’d give the gift of hope. It can be as simple as one sentence of encouragement. You don’t know what someone is going through; everyone has a story. We’ve all collectively been through a lot in the past two years. You never want to deprive someone of hope; that may be all they have.

Izzy Norwood


I would give my mom the gift of everlasting love, and have those around her show her love. She wasn’t allowed to celebrate any holidays when she was growing up because of her parents’ religious beliefs, so I’d spend quality time with her and give her the gift of memories.

Tawanda Logan

Registered nurse

I’d give the gift of knowledge. I’d give it to my entire family and my close friends. I’m a nurse, so I give knowledge a lot—just life knowledge in general. I give knowledge to people to help in their own situations. I recently encouraged someone to seek help and not to wait until it’s too late.

Jake Schein


My best friend loves vintage Nevada retro stuff. She just loves Nevada; she grew up in Nevada and thinks that it’s the best place ever to live. She calls herself a “stateriot,”and not a “patriot.” I got her a ’70s-’80s retro UNR bomber jacket at a shop in Midtown. She’s going to love it.

Colby Sunderland

Graphic designer

My gift would be a shared experience. Instead of giving someone a present, I’d take them out for a full day of activities. I’d take my brother up to the mountains to go skiing. He lives in Portland, and it’d be cool to show him one of Lake Tahoe’s resorts. Memories are a far more valuable present than anything.

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