Local election denier and political activist Robert Beadles and/or his political action committees donated money to at least 25 candidates for statewide or local offices—but just three who accepted the money won their races.

No matter: Beadles is doubling down on his allegations that Nevada’s elections are rigged.

Statewide candidates who claimed that elections are fixed in favor of Democrats lost, a trend seen nationwide. In local races, incumbent Jeanne Herman, whom Beadles’ supported, will retain her seat on the Washoe County Commission. Herman last year backed an unsuccessful proposal to require hand-counting of ballots and other major changes in elections.

Mike Clark also won his race for a seat on the commission, and Ken Gray will be the next assemblyman in District 39 (Lyon and Douglas counties). Both candidates accepted donations from Beadles, according to campaign-finance reports, but neither publically disputed the results of the 2020 elections.

Election denier Jim Marchant lost his bid for Nevada secretary of state, as did every election denier who campaigned for that office in other states.

Adam Laxalt, who was Nevada’s top salesman for Donald Trump’s lie that he was the real winner of the 2020 presidential contest, lost to incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto.

With nearly all election deniers going down to defeat in Nevada and across the nation, commentators theorized that voters were disgusted by their false and repeatedly debunked claims of election fraud. But Beadles, who said he donated to more than 50 candidates in Nevada and other states, said that those losing candidates actually won their races, because the midterm elections also were rigged.

“What we see is massive election fraud in broad daylight (obvious) to any critical thinker,” he wrote in an email to the RN&R. “We hope to truly expose it soon. The majority of people celebrating the alleged wins of these Marxist candidates who have been destroying our county-state are truly celebrating communism.”

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