Dave Masud.

The Reno punk scene has been notable because of bands like Vampirates, which includes drummer Dave Masud providing countless blast beats and guttural vocals. Embarking on a new venture, Masud recently made a solo album, for which he played every instrument through a 12-minute, seven-song experience, encompassing pop-punk, alternative rock—and even harp sounds. For more information on Masud’s False Island, visit davemasud.bandcamp.com.

What was the first concert you attended?

My first concert was Kris Kross, and my first hardcore show was Fall Silent.

What was the first album you owned?

I can’t say with certainty which was my first, but some of the earliest cassettes that I remember owning were Faith No More, The Real Thing; Snap!, World Power; and Queen, Greatest Hits.

What bands are you listening to right now?

I have my go-tos: Jeff Rosenstock, and almost anything Mike Patton. These days, most of the new music I listen to is thanks to KWNK. I’m really digging Shintaro Sakamoto right now.

What artist, genre or musical trend does everyone love, but you don’t get?

I’ve never really been able to get into EDM, but I’m sure there is something out there that would change my mind.

What musical act, current or defunct, would you most like to see perform live?

I’ve been pestering Lesdystics to do a reunion for about 20 years now.

What’s your favorite musical guilty pleasure?

I don’t believe in feeling guilt for enjoying any style of music. I do have trouble separating art from artist, which I guess would be the exception to that belief.

What’s your favorite music venue?

Favorite venue I’ve played is L’Usine in Geneva, Switzerland. Favorite venue to see a show (now that Jub Jub’s is closed) is Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.

What’s the one song lyric you can’t get out of your head?

”You can’t turn left on Wells,” One Ton Dually.

What band or artist changed your life? How?

Sucka Punch. They took me in under their wing when I was a kid, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

You have one question to ask one musician. What’s the question, and who are you asking?

I’d probably ask Jeff Rosenstock how it’s possible to produce so many relatable lyrics.

What song would you like played at your funeral?

Larry and His Flask, “Ebb and Flow.”

Figurative gun to your head, what is your favorite album of all time?

Refused, Shape of Punk to Come.

What song should everyone listen to right now?

Mr. Bungle, “Retrovertigo.”

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