Tim Gorelangton


Mostly indoors. I use my mask for shopping, for restaurants and for travel. During the pandemic, I wore my mask assiduously. I will continue to mask up for the foreseeable future.

Adrieanne Morgenroth

Gaming dealer

Yes, it’s an extra safety precaution against the omicron variant. I have COPD, and during the whole pandemic, I kept my mask on to keep me safe. I will keep my mask on. I can’t imagine when I won’t wear my mask.

Arlo Bocks

Business owner

It depends. If it’s really crowded in a bar, then I will—but if it’s really crowded, I don’t want to be there anyway. During the pandemic, I masked up all the time. I continue to wear my mask when I travel on a plane. It’s a very confined space being on a plane. But if I’m outside, I won’t wear a mask.

Dylan Smith

Motocross marketer

No, I don’t think it’s necessary. If a person is worried about COVID, then get your shots. If not, it’s your business. I wore a mask during the pandemic here and there, but didn’t if I thought it wasn’t necessary. I didn’t wear a mask if I didn’t have to.

Shanté Young


I do, actually. I have my mask with me now. I usually wear my mask in the store.Outdoors, I keep my mask on my chin, just in case I need it. If I have to mask up, then no problem. During the pandemic, it was no question. My race is pre-disposed to COVID, and I have diabetes. I think that I’ll be masking myself up into 2023.

David Robert

David Robert is the photo editor of the Reno News & Review. In his first stint as the RN&R’s photo editor, he won multiple Nevada Press Association and Association of Alternative Newsmedia awards...

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