Cycle track should be on Center Street

Thanks, Reno News & Review for reporting on the downtown casinos eleventh-hour attempt to redirect the long- planned Center Street Cycling Track to their front doors (RN&R, “Center Street Cycle Track Derailed?). The city needs to stay on track with the original plan that creates a safe way for bicyclists to get from UNR to Midtown and back. The Center Street plan has been in the works for years and we don’t need another study. We need the route built and completed. The greed of the casinos should not outweigh the needs and safety of bikers and the general public. I urge bicyclists to protest against any changes in the route or attempts to redirect the funding to casinos as a means of corporate welfare. Public money should be used for public purposes and to enhance the community, not to further enrich already wealthy corporations.

Sam Mitchell, Reno

Adam Laxalt is a terrible candidate

In case you missed it, editorial and opinion pages across Nevada have been quick to remind voters that Adam Laxalt is a corrupt politician whose candidacy for U.S. Senate is about furthering Donald Trump’s extreme agenda and enriching special interest donors at the expense of Nevadans. 

Since launching his campaign (RN&R, “Adam Laxalt joins Rebel Alliance”) Adam Laxalt has faced scrutiny for his dangerous efforts to overturn the 2020 election. The Las Vegas Sun wrote: “Nevadans should remember Laxalt for what he is — a failed candidate who tried to overturn the results of a free and fair election in 2020, and someone who has neither denounced the Jan. 6 insurrection nor done anything to counter the rise of violent extremists within his own party.”

 The Nevada Current also connects Laxalt’s attempts to discredit the 2020 election with the Jan. 6 insurrection: “Following the 2020 election, Laxalt worked tirelessly to cast doubt on the legitimacy of Trump’s defeat in Nevada, but lacking any foundation in fact or truth, that enterprise collapsed under the weight of its own moral bankruptcy.” The piece goes on to argue that “Laxalt can, however, rightfully claim that absent his cooperation and that of like-minded Trump functionaries nationwide who perpetuated the contemptible lie that the election was stolen, attempts by insurrectionists to violently overthrow the results of Trump’s failed reelection bid and bring an end to democracy and the rule of law in the U.S. on January 6, 2021, may well not have happened.”

The piece closes by saying that “Laxalt’s early campaign rollout indicates his candidacy will fittingly have everything to do with national hot-button issues and manufactured outrage, and nothing whatsoever to do with real problems faced by actual Nevadans, virtually all of whom, unlike Laxalt, came to the state for reasons other than running for public office.” Nevadans deserve a senator who defends free and fair elections rather than peddling dangerous misinformation at the request of disgraced former President Trump. EMILY’s List is proud to stand with Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto as she runs for reelection against failed politician turned conspiracy theorist Adam Laxalt.  To read the scathing Nevada Current commentary in full, click here. To read the editorial by the Las Vegas Sun, click here.

Emily’s List Press, Washington, D.C.

Sparks museum needs help

We’re looking for some heroes to help us raise $1,000 for our new library within the historic walls of the Sparks Museum and Cultural Center at 814 Victorian Avenue in Sparks. Bit by bit, the Sparks Museum library is taking shape! We are growing so close to finishing our installation, but are in need of more bookcases to support our extensive collection documenting the history of Sparks and Northern Nevada.  Our wonderful Nevada Woodchucks organization is willing to build these cases, but we need $1,000 for the supplies to make this happen. Donations may be made online.

Museum and Cultural Center, Sparks.

Shaving heads — a rights violation?

I’m a mother deeply concerned, to learn about 30 homeless, some disabled like my daughter, were forced to have their heads shaved. This was a directive, of RISE/Our Place Shelter director. I think that’s a very immoral, inappropriate and extreme solution, to issue of lice. Why not quarantine proven case of lice and/or treat with Nic, Rx prescription or simply use Proven Method, of Tea Tree Oil with P-shampoo? Was this approved by Washoe County which funds Our Place ? My daughter has autism, etc. and has never desired to have her hair cut, permed or colored per sensory issues as related to autism. I believe these women’s human and civil rights were violated.

Anita Cooper-Allbee, California

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