Shot through with socialism

Holy Frijoles, Sierra County just got another dose of Radical Socialism!  I went over to Loyalton (that bastion of communism) and got my free flu shot.  There were several other seniors there, some first responders, and health care workers receiving their Socialist vaccine.  I did not see anyone paying for this; just coming in, getting’ shot, then leaving.  Facinating.  The heroic medical workers doing this were friendly, efficient, and thorough.  But, those workers were required to follow those dang regulations like putting the pointy end of the needle in first.  Oh, and the Moderna vaccine I received was developed by the NIAID, also wacky Socialists.  I was so excited, I went home got my gun and ran around the house waving my flag. We should use this system for all health care.

Don McKechnie, Sparks and Sierraville

Talkspace has value

Not that I’m cracking up, but the pandemic has put a lot of extra stress on just about everyone, including me. I was skeptical of Talkspace and it took a couple tries to get a good fit with a therapist, but the article (RN&R, Jan. 24) was right in that it’s good to be able to talk to somebody. I think it was a good move for the city to make the service available.

Karen D., Reno

Watch the Steamboat

While we were focused on the pandemic and the election the powers that be decided to make a move on one of the most beautiful amenities in south Reno in order to wring a few more bucks out of the water rights that benefit a few rich landowners. I’m talking about the Steamboat Ditch (RN&R, Jan.18) and the way the company and the county tried to cover it in concrete when nobody was looking. People got involved just in time to head off the worst but the scheme isn’t dead yet (RN&R, Feb.3). Like one of the neighbors on Nextdoor said, be vigilant! If we aren’t keeping our eye on things the people who like to line their pockets will do that not only at the expense of the common people but also the environment and the plants and animals that depend on it as well. Everybody has their own concerns during the corona pandemic but they need to see the big picture too.

Doris McKinney, Reno

Steamboat wiki created

It was brought to my attention that the Steamboat Ditch trail, an historical asset that we all care about,  didn’t have a Wikipedia page and I wanted to let people know that has been rectified and a page has been created for it. The wiki has the history of the ditch with references as well as the observed vegetation and wildlife species along this canal.

Garrett Brothers, Reno

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