Essential national heroes

America has a new set of national heroes.  We knew of them already but today they are shining.  They are the Americans that go to work every day under extreme conditions knowing that their very presence in the workplace is a danger to themselves and their families.

 The custodians, nurses, technicians, doctors, and even the administrative staff are exposed to this dreadful contagion which has no treatment (unless you’re one of Trump’s pals). These workers will not become rich but continue every day to enter the hospitals where they work with the hope that they can preserve one more life. They become the family member in the tragedy of those that have lost their battle with the COVID-19. 

Those of us on the sidelines should honor and do what we can to assist these workers.  Then there are those other heroic Americans that participated in the clinical trials!  We are an exceptional country.

Don McKechnie, Sparks

 RN&R should be inky again

I’ve enjoyed reading the News&Review online during the pandemic and I applaud your determination in keeping the local news fires burning when we need it.

Of course I miss the “best of” issue, Bob Grimm’s movie column, the food reviews and all the other things that made the paper a must read for years, but I know times are tough and you guys are doing what you can under the circumstances. (but bring back ‘best of NN’ on line!)

This pandemic will end in 2021 (fingers crossed and mask on!) and I hope the paper can be back to print when it does. On line is fine, but I need to see ink on my fingers again and be able to read all the regulars that I looked forward to every week.

Amber Salvador, Reno

Act on climate change

Last summer’s seemingly endless heat and the continued drought in Southern Nevada are clear
signs: the climate crisis is upon us. That is why I applaud Governor Sisolak’s Nevada Climate Strategy as a mandate to act on climate, and act immediately. Recent legislation for cleaner transportation and increased clean energy output are excellent first steps. Now it is time to follow-up with specific actions:

  1. the swift closure of Nevada’s Valmy and TS Power coal plants
  2. the expedited retirement of gas plants and their replacement with clean energy, and 3) a halt to the unnecessary and expensive build out of “fracked” gas infrastructure in buildings.

Nevada alone cannot reverse the course of global warming, but with demonstrative action to end our carbon addiction we can lead the way. Let’s become a model for sustainability.

 Thomas ‘Taj’ Ainlay Jr, chairperson, Sierra Club Southern Nevada Group

GOP ‘herd mentality’

Throughout 2020 the mainstream media – until now – has steadfastly avoided reporting the awful truth that has become increasingly obvious and apparent to the American public, as the months pass and the disastrous death toll climbs from COVID-19.

The failed far-Right Trump regime’s unofficial policy all along in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic was the so-called public health strategy of herd immunity.  This pathetic policy of complete surrender to the coronavirus is a direct result of the racist Republican Party’s malign neglect and “herd mentality”, as deranged Donald Trump himself put it in his now infamous and incredibly incriminating Freudian slip.

 Traitor Trump has made it perfectly clear over the course of this conservative-caused catastrophe that he wants, in his own words, a “herd developed” solution to the crisis of his own making.  How many times now has diabolical Donald insisted upon the efficacy and acted upon his apparent belief that purposefully increasing public infection rates (and consequently the death rate) is a laudable goal that Trump personally prefers?  Videotape doesn’t lie; Donald Trump does.

 Over 300,000 Americans are dead, most of whom didn’t have to die!  Delusional Donald Trump is directly to blame for this genocidal crime against humanity (not to mention his countless crimes against the Constitution), and this mindless monster Trump must be held accountable – one way or another.  It’s up to you, people of America.  Do what must be done.  If the courts won’t act, we must.  History is what we make it.

Being voted out of office in a landslide is insufficient punishment for Vladimir Putin’s puppet.   Traitor Trump deserves to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law upon the end of his pathological presidency on Jan. 20th, which is of course why desperate Donald doesn’t want to go!

No matter though, because the American people have already spoken and Donald Trump is done, son!  No presidential pardon is going to save the Trump Crime Family from state civil and criminal prosecutions, which is why the state of New York will have the final word on the fate of these farcical fascists and their bogus business empire.

Jake Pickering,  Arcata, CA

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