MAGA is a cult

Simply wearing a MAGA hat, sticking an American flag on your pickup, or spouting how proud you are to be an American does not make you an American. It makes you a thoughtless cult member. What makes you an American is advocating for elections, the rule of law, Science, truth and fairness, tolerance, not being mean, some degree of critical thinking and not being so damn selfish. Being an American also means you have some modicum of courage, such as not being afraid of everything, especially fellow Americans.  And Americans are not whiners or victims.  As I write this our country is in extreme danger from within… more so than ever.

Don McKechnie, Sparks

Election was a fraud

I heard (editor Frank X. Mullen’s) Sunday interview (on “Nevada Newsmakers,” Nov. 29).

I laughed when I heard your comments regarding your deep and thorough investigation into election fraud and ‘walking dead’ voting. You discovered one. Do you really expect a reasonable person to believe that out of hundreds of thousands of ballots??

And no evidence????? Honestly, I do not believe legal icons like Sidney Powell and Lin Wood would put their sterling careers on the line for absolutely ‘no evidence’. Do you really think their suits were full of fluff??? Those with your ‘know all, control all by threats and bullying’ will never turn this country to communism. We are Patriots, and we will always fight people like you. You people know Trump won that election.

Suddenly battleground states shut down their polling places after Trump had just won Florida??? When did that EVER happen in a presidential election? And you think it is utterly impossible that voting machines cannot be manipulated??? In this day of runaway advancements in technology…not to mention the fact that our votes are being tabulated in Frankfort Germany???

My last laugh came when the timid, submissive interviewer commented that he had never known your political persuasion. You surely must take us all for ‘walking dead lobotomies.’ Trump has every constitutional right to fight. No talking heads with all the answers will stop him.


Judy Gaire, Reno

League of dead voters

This morning I listened to Sam Shad (on “Nevada Newsmakers”) and someone from Reno News and Review was talking about (Nevada’s) voting integrity.  It sounded as though your employee didn’t know that death certificates are NOT accurately purged from the registered voter lists.

My husband died 2 years ago in Washoe County and I received sample and mail in ballots addressed to him. I have a close friend who works for the Registrar of Voters and she told me Nevada does remove these individuals. Two  other people told me the same thing happened in their households.  I thought you should know that what were told is not what happened. Just today, 11/29/20, I got a card in the mail asking for confirmation of MY registration and I’ve lived here over a decade and never missed an election. Seriously, Nevada, you get a ‘C’ minus.

Kris Burton Barbieri, Reno

EDITOR’S NOTE: State and local election officials quoted in the “Zombies didn’t vote in Washoe” story (11/15/20) said they constantly work to purge the names of dead people from voter lists. However, they said that the system isn’t perfect and the names of some deceased people remained on the list in November. The single dead voter found in the RN&R’s partial analysis of Washoe County’s voter rolls was mistakenly sent a ballot, which was returned unopened by the Post Office to the registrar’s office. The dead man did not vote. No evidence of large numbers of deceased Nevadans voting or any systemic voter fraud in Nevada or anywhere has been documented by Trump or anyone else.

Anti-maskers ‘demented’

I keep seeing people in public without masks and some who get very angry when they are told they can’t enter a business unless they wear one. I don’t care if they are doing it as a political statement or not. They are a danger to other people’s health and safety and should be cited as (the) public menaces that they are. 

If you want to make a statement, wear a tshirt or carry a sign. At least Typhoid Mary had an excuse of just trying to make a living and she didn’t believe in germs. The people who are against masks today know better and put other lives at risk anyway.

That’s not political. It is demented.

Barbara Carpesi, Sparks

Nevada SPCA reached goal

The Northern Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals met our Giving Tuesday match goal!  A total of $43,538 was donated and $42,000 was matched, equaling $85,458 raised.

Wow. We are blown away by the profound generosity that was extended to pets in need by so many caring and compassionate people. We know this has been a difficult year for many of you, and yet you stepped up for homeless pets and the people who love them.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to expand families and bring more love into our community. Thank you for entrusting us to care for pets in need, to nurture and love them until they find a family.

Thank you for taking advantage of our affordable spay and neuter services, so that fewer pets find themselves homeless. Thank you for supporting our medical emergency fund to keep families together.

Together, we CAN and DO make a difference. Thank you for being the best community our biggest little shelter could ever ask for.

Northern Nevada SPCA

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