Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

In our Feb. 13 edition, I wrote, “This week’s edition is Issue 1 of Vol. 26. That means this newspaper is now 25 years old. That’s not quite old enough to be a storied institution, but it’s probably about 23 years longer than many skeptics in the valley expected when the paper launched.” A boast about longevity is a surefire harbinger of doom.

This might not be the last issue ever of the RN&R, but it’s going to be the last issue for the immediate future. See pages 3 and 6 for more.

But I’d like to express some gratitude. Huge thanks to our publishers, Jeff vonKaenel and Deborah Redmond, for all their support over the years. Thanks to the members of the editorial team, Jeri Davis, Matt Bieker and Kelley Lang, for all their hard work and dedication. Thanks to our amazing design team.

And thanks to rest of the Reno team: Sales manager Gina Odegard, sales associates Owen Bryant and Caleb Furlong, distribution manager Bob Christensen and his team, and office manager/event planner/all-around-badass Lisa Ryan.

Big thanks to everyone who’s served in the newsroom over the years, like arts master Kris Vagner, editor emeritus D. Brian Burghart, and the late, great news editor Dennis Myers. Dennis would always end conversations by saying, “take care,” and that’s part of why that expression appears on this week’s cover.

And I’d also like to thank our regular contributors, like columnists Bruce Van Dyke and Sheila Leslie, reviewers Bob Grimm, Todd South and Jessica Santina, and photographers Eric Marks and Allison Young. And many more. We’ve had a lot of great writers, reporters, cartoonists and weirdos in these pages over the years. And I’m proud of what we’ve done.

But most of all, thanks to you, the readers. Thanks for putting up with us. Thanks for participating in Best of Northern Nevada and 95-Word Fiction and all those other silly things we’ve done over the years. Thanks for coming up to us to argue about an editorial or to suggest a hot story tip. Thanks for reading.

It’s been an honor and a pleasure serving this community. I hope we’ve helped.

Take care.

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